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October 6, 2014

Ryan Vogelsong


Nationals – 4
Giants - 1

Q.  I guess this is a really important game for you guys tomorrow; your outlook and attitude about pitching in it?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I'm excited.  Obviously it would have been nice to finish it up today, but, you know, these are the times that you play this game for.  You know, you play your whole career to get to the post‑season, and to have a chance to do this again; and I had a little bit of success in 2012, and just the environment and the feeling of being on the mound in the post‑season is tremendous.
Just looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow.

Q.  Having so many days off without starting a game and because of the situation, how do you compensate that and are you looking forward to the game tomorrow?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.  But, you know, just kind of back to basics a little bit, really.  Doing some drill work, doing some stuff in the outfield on the flat ground.  Threw a couple bullpens and really just trying to clean up some things that I felt like got a way from me a little bit there at the end of the season and just hoping we weren't going to get to a Game4.
It would have been nice to sweep, like I said.  But just trying to prepare myself physically and mentally for this game tomorrow.

Q.  Not to be overly dramatic, but considering your situation, do you look at this as, who knows, possibly last start, and whatever happens, you're going to go out and play?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, that's not going to come into my mind tomorrow.  I had those feelings towards the end of the season during the regular season.  Didn't really finish the way I wanted to.
So hindsight is I have another chance to do that tomorrow.  But I really just need to focus on making pitches and execution and pay attention to detail and basically try and hit Buster's glove as many times as I can.

Q.  So coming down the stretch, not tremendously successful, you kind of struggled; do you see now that you can kind of turn that around for this game?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, I've done it in the past.  You know, I've had, over the last‑‑ actually over my entire career, I've had times where I've gotten out of whack there a little bit and things have gone awry and I've found a way to get back in the right path.
So hopefully, like I said, the work I put in from the end of the season to now pays off and I go out there and make the pitches that I want to make.

Q.  When did Bochy tell you and how did he tell you?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  We kind of had it scripted out a few different ways, depending on who was used out of the bullpen in certain situations and just different scenarios.
But I kind of knew going into it, if I wasn't used out of the bullpen, I was probably going to start this game if we got to it.  I've been prepared for this more than just a couple hours here.

Q.  How much does the extra preparation time, in particular, in looking at the Nationals, because there are some guys that have had some good success against you in the past; having that extra time, is that something that you can recalculate how you approach them?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  No, it's all execution.  It's all about making your pitches and hitting locations and changing speeds and doing all the things that make guys that are really good pitchers successful.
So you can analyze at‑bats and swings all you want, but if you don't throw the ball where you want to, you know, the result is probably not going to be too good.

Q.  When did you begin to feel that you were throwing the ball where you wanted to and the way you wanted to?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I had times all year where I felt like‑‑

Q.  Toward the end of the season.
RYAN VOGELSONG:  You know, even at the end of the season, I would be rolling along in the game and then just kind of lose it.  So, I mean, it's there.  Just need to be more focused I think at times and more concentrated on making a good pitch.
So those will be the things that are on the forefront of my mind for tomorrow.

Q.  Considering your history with this team and everything, is this a pretty cool deal, getting this shot?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, absolutely.  I mean, I could not be pitching at all.  He definitely has some options.  It just an honor to be able to take the ball and start the game for this organization with how much history there is here.
That being said, yeah, it's an honor to take the ball tomorrow, and I'm going to do the best I can for all the guys in that room and all the fans in the stands.

Q.  In 2012, that was your first time pitching in the post‑season; is coming in now any different after having a little bit of experience?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  It helps.  It definitely helps being through it one time.  I think more so, you learn how to curve the emotions, the adrenaline.  So it definitely helps but every game is different.  Every pitch is different.
So you can take some of the experience from before, but like I said the previous question, it comes down to making your pitches and getting the location down and making the pitch that you need to make.

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