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October 6, 2014

Bruce Bochy


Nationals – 4
Giants - 1

Q.  Bruce, imagine I know how you felt after Bumgarner made that throw, but as the play was developing, were you thinking third base he had a shot?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No, to be honest I was hoping we would get an out there.  He tried to do a little too much there on the bunt.  You know, you take the out.  He tried to rush it.  He threw it away.  He threw it away well, too.  (Laughter.)
In a game like that, that's probably going to cost you, which it did.  He pitched great.  That was not a good decision, and sure, you wish you could have it back and just get the out there.

Q.  In October, your team has avoided the big mistake; was that a shock to the dugout after a play like that happened?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I don't know if shock's the word.  It's such an intense game, and I know they want to get that out at third base but they probably tried to do a little too much there.  They played so well, these type games.  We made a mistake.  We've got to learn from it.
But, you know, got to move on.  But you're not shocked by it, no.  The worst thing was not just going to third, but Bum said it, he threw it away.  He makes a good throw, we still may have a good play at first base, if he doesn't throw it away.

Q.  You may have just answered that, but nobody was yelling, it was an inner‑clock play for him?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No, I think Buster was helping him out.  And like I said, I'm sure they want it back.  Can't take it back.  Hey, it happened and you move on.

Q.  Did Sandoval have any chance to get off the base and get that?
BRUCE BOCHY:  It looked like it was too far.  That's a lot of pressure on a third baseman.  He's got to play in and they are bunting and you are trying to get back to the bag.
Looked like he threw it pretty wide.  Then when it got past Ishi, compounded the damage.

Q.  Why is Vogelsong a good man to be pitching this fourth game?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, he's one of our starters.  He's a guy we have all the confidence in the world in.  He's been in this situation, and we're very confident with him out there.
We are going to face another good starter, and it's going to be, I expect, a good, tight ballgame.  Vogy is a guy that helped us in 2012 and he's got the experience.  I think he's having an even better year than what the numbers showed.  He's got good stuff.

Q.  Belt caught stealing, was there a sign missed?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I'd say it's kind of, you know, but it's ‑‑ I'll leave it at that.

Q.  After the throw, your third baseman went down, the trainer went out; what was hurting?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I don't know.  I haven't‑‑ you talking about Pablo?

Q.  Yeah.
BRUCE BOCHY:  I don't know.  I think it was on that bunt.  He said he was fine.  But I'll find out.  You know, he stayed in the game, so I don't think he's hurting anywhere.

Q.  With the pitching, you've seen this series, obviously, it's tough to get the line moving and get rallies going, but starting at the top, Gregor is struggling to get some hits.  How much of a concern is that that it's not getting done at the very top of the order?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I think there's a few guys.  You're facing good pitching; they are not throwing out a lot of hits.  He's our guy and he's the guy we're going to stick with.
You know, I thought we had some pretty good at‑bats early.  Thought Crawford's ball was in there in the second inning.  That's a game changer.  Harper made a good play there and he made another good play.  They played well.  Fister pitched great.  Defense was very good for them, and they made a couple plays that, really, probably changed the game.

Q.  What makes Fister so tough today?
BRUCE BOCHY:  He's had a good year.  He's won 16 games for a reason.  Commands the ball well, four pitches.  You've got to hopefully take advantage of any chances you get.  And like I said, Crawford's ball, I thought was going to get in there, but after that, he settled in.
He's got very good command.  Doesn't beat himself.  Doesn't walk guys.  Heels runners.  And he was on top of his game.

Q.  Can you just speak about the defense, Gregor made some great plays in the outfield and Hunter, as well.
BRUCE BOCHY:  We made some nice plays out there, too.  The one hiccup on the bunt, sure, that killed us, but I thought the guys played well up until that point.  We just couldn't do anything offensively.  But the outfield did a nice job out there.

Q.  Five‑game series, momentum swings pretty quick.  Is tomorrow a must‑win?  What's the overall mind‑set you have in game by game in a five‑game series?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I don't know how many times I've heard down the stretch in September must‑win and all that.  That's why you play the game.  We're fortunate we're not in that situation quite yet with our two wins there in Washington.
But they are all important games.  We know how good this club is we're playing, and you have to play your best ball to beat them.  Today we didn't and we made a mistake that hurt us.  But we'll come out and get after it tomorrow.

Q.  Facing a left‑handed starter tomorrow, might you move Blanco down and Pence up to leadoff spot?
BRUCE BOCHY:  We'll talk about it, what we're going to do.  I'll get with the staff and decide which way we're going to go with this lineup.  But I still have no problem with Gregor.  He's pretty good.

Q.  Now that this the streak's over, can you reflect on winning ten straight post‑season games and how difficult that is?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, well, I mean, it's quite a feat, really, you think about it, how many times we've had our backs to the wall and to run off a streak like this over a couple years‑‑ but, hey, that's behind us and now we have to find a way to win a ballgame.
But I'm proud of these guys with this streak.  It's never been done, and there's been some great teams out there in post‑season.
So tip my cap to this club and how they played.

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