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October 5, 2014

Tommy Fleetwood


TOMMY FLEETWOOD:¬† Well, yeah, you know, I just didn't‑‑ again I was just that little bit short, which is always disappointing but I think you have to put in perspective that you just came in second in a huge event.¬† From where I was starting Saturday morning, an amazing finish and I think I held my fair share of putts on the last two days.¬† So that one on the last it wasn't a very good putt and that's just what happens.¬† But fair play to Ollie, he was fantastic.

Q.  It's become a cliché that it's hard to follow up a low round but after a 62 yesterday, he did play pretty well initially.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:¬† Well, you have to make the score downwind really.¬† So that front nine was where we had to¬† ‑‑ everybody was going to shoot well, and I think when you've been‑‑ I've been in contention here two or three times now and you know that everybody is always going to be five or six guys that are going to start off very quickly and you have to stay with it or you have to be patient if it's not happening.
I got off to a really good start, holed a couple crucial putts.  But into the wind, I didn't swing it great, and I sort of scrambled my way in really well, and you know, to have a put on a last to get in a playoff was an amazing feat for the way I swung it on the last few holes.  But overall, fantastic, I'll take it.

Q.  The man that's won it, having played alongside him, quite some story, isn't it?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:¬† Brilliant, and he did so well today.¬† Didn't get off to the best start and it's so difficult when everybody is starting so quickly, it's always hard to keep your patience.¬† But he hit some great shots coming in.¬† The about birdie on 16 and the up‑and‑down on 17, they deserved to win any tournament.¬† So like I say, great story.¬† He's a lovely guy and I think everybody will be glad to see him back.

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