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October 5, 2014

Chris Doak


Q.  What's your verdict on this week?
CHRIS DOAK:  Fantastic week.  I had a putt there to tie the lead and just bubbled left on me.  You have that at the start of the week, you can't ask for anything better.

Q.  When you're getting three birdies in four holes at the start of the back nine, are you still thinking of possibilities?
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely, yeah.  Was into the wind most of the way in.  Played really solid and putting was great again today.  So you know, there was no reason why not.

Q.  I take it there's satisfaction on the way you've played across all three courses this week?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, it's what I grew up on.  Grew up in the wind, as well.  So it was great.  It's always good to be up here.

Q.  The money is not bad, either, is it.
CHRIS DOAK:  I believe so.  I'll count it when I see it, when I see the text.  No, it's great.  I needed a great week this week for future golf.

Q.  Ensures something of a future for next season.
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely, and that was the main goal coming up here.  The target was a Top 15 or a Top‑10 and so it's fantastic.

Q.  I'm sure you don't like this but you're getting used to it, you did this last year, leave it till pretty late?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, but I don't think we'll go for a hat trick.  I think we'll try to make it a wee bit easier next year.

Q.  Must be a weight off your shoulders?
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely.  Haven't really played well since Wentworth, which was in May.  I'm still working on the stuff that Bob taught me.  I've got a new coach and he's just really followed on.  Like I said the other day, the Odyssey putter that I'm using is fantastic, the counter balance, so the Tank is great.

Q.  Who are you working with?
CHRIS DOAK:  Paul‑‑ we grew up together in the PGA together.

Q.  Did he caddie for you?
CHRIS DOAK:  He did.  He caddied for his first year and Bob's line to him was, "You had it right.  He just had to hear it from me."    That struck a cord in my head and that's where we went with getting coached off of Paul, so it's been working great.

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