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October 4, 2014

Stacy Lewis


MODERATOR:  It's great to have Stacy here.  Third round under par in a row.  Reviewing the whole process, there were several bumps here and there.
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I obviously didn't get off to a good start.  You kind of have to put it in perspective and realize you're at a tournament and you're going to struggle for five or six or nine holes like I did.
I had my bad nine holes, but then was able to finish off the round really good.  Especially making that birdie on 18, you know, kind of makes dinner go down better and makes you sleep better tonight.

Q.  Tomorrow you will be playing alongside Caroline Hedwall.  What will your strategy be like?
STACY LEWIS:  You know, tomorrow I just got to get off to a better start.  Today just didn't get any good momentum going early, so tomorrow it's just getting off to a good start.
It'll be fun playing with Caroline.  The last couple days has kind of had the Solheim Cup feel to it.  It's going to be fun playing with the Europeans.  It'll be a good day.  She's a good putter and is playing well this week.
Looking forward to it.
MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  You mentioned the Solheim Cup.  Tell us how much rivalry there is between the Americans and the Europeans on the tour, particularly with the Ryder Cup last week?  Did you watch that, and are you out for revenge for America?
STACY LEWIS:  The Solheim Cup is one of those things it's always in the back of your mind.  Brittany Lang and I were talking about it out there today when we were watching Caroline putt.  Just kind of reminded us of Solheim.
I did watch Ryder Cup.  It was harder to watch on Sunday.  Actually because the way the matches played out it was really similar to how our Solheim Cup played out.  The Americans were in it until the last matches on Saturday.
So it was like these flashbacks all over again, and not good ones obviously.  But I'm excited about it.  I learned a lot watching it.  Just kind of watched how the players handled themselves and came back.
I watched all the press conferences to hear what the guys were thinking and what their strategy was out there.  I think I took a lot from that.

Q.  Back to the relatively slow start from the front nine, would you attribute that to physical or technical challenges?  And at what point did you find the turning point?
STACY LEWIS:  You know, I made some bad swings early.  Golf swing timing was just a little bit off.
Then I hit some good chip shots and I didn't make any putts to kind of save things, so it was just a kind of‑‑ it was a combination of not making putts and making some bad swings.
Probably the swing I made on 13, on the par‑3, I don't know what it was, but things just kind of seemed to click after that.
You know, just kind of found some confidence in my golf swing from there, and then making the putts, too, which was nice.

Q.  If you successfully capture this title tomorrow, then adding up your total to four for this season, would that make you in a comfortable position when you look at the prize Money List and Player of the Year Award?
STACY LEWIS:  A win this week would help that a lot.  I don't think I'm comfortable until the last tournament and nobody else can beat me.  It's one of those things I don't think you get too comfortable with.  The players behind me are great players and can win two tournaments in a row pretty easily.
I won't be comfortable until the season is over.

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