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October 4, 2014

Yuting Shi


MODERATOR:  Yuting Shi from China is only 16 years old.  She just turned pro at the beginning of this tournament, and just finished 5‑under for the day and tied for No. 8, 8‑under, only three shots off the lead now.

Q.  You started from No. 1 instead of No. 10 over the last two rounds.  Felt so good because you started with birdie right away.  Perfect start.
YUTING SHI:  Yes, six birdies today.  Very excellent and happy performance today.  I would pay credit to what I did yesterday to check out the weather.  I assumed that today probably the ball would not slip very fast on the green or on the fairway.
So I kind of adjusted my strategy for today.  Hole No. 1 was the longest hole.  Except for that birdie, all the other birdies were achieved just within the average distance.
I concentrated on trying to just save par on some of the more difficult holes.  Tried to catch my chances with those birdie opportunities.  I did that very well and I'm happy.

Q.  You started with two players who had similar scores with you over the last two rounds, but you eventually emerged as the biggest or the best score among the three.  Throughout this process, did you feel even more confident when you led the way through the 18th hole?
YUTING SHI:  No, not necessarily.  I understood very well that the competition was among all groups, not only the two other players in the same group.
So I still concentrated on my own play and I still benefited or learned from the other players.
I gathered that the other two had similar driving distances as I do, and so they must gave also good performance to get in there in the ranking after two rounds.
Also, I observed that they had pretty good use of the wedge and short clubs and also their putting and their save from outside the fringe of the green.
So it was a pleasant experience playing along with them.

Q.  Although this is your debut as a pro player, you're a frontrunner among all Chinese players.  Do you think you're kind of in a race even for the event of championship?
YUTING SHI:  Yeah, I should have noted that I'm in very good form myself.  My recent performance at the Asian Games give me a lot of benefit, although I could have done even better at the Asian Games.  I wasn't 100% in my best shape by then in South Korea.
But I still successfully found the right mentality going into the final round.  I had a very highly booming catchup in the final round in South Korea at the Asian Games.
And also, I think, yeah, I am in even better form now and I have a correct strategy for this course.  I only need to be tomorrow as patient as I have been over the last three days and with more steady and solid pace.
Maybe if when I run through the middle of the course tomorrow I can adjust myself based on where I would be when I cross the middle line.
On this course I think many players have a more aggressive strategy because this is a relatively more generous course.

Q.  Good to see you here again.  Over the last couple years you participated in several junior tour events, and you were the MVP in two of them.  Also, your parents had a lot of help and also expectation in you.  We understood your father offered to be your caddie for a while.  Also, your father shared on WeChat, China's popular social media on the Internet, his experience not only about making a child into a good golfer, but also educating a child with others.  And also, in your previous interview yesterday you said a difference you make now this time compared with last year was you were having more details to be written on your blog throughout the process.  Do you kind of benefit from such practice or habit of trying to write down what you observe and what you digest from your performance?
YUTING SHI:  I really owe my parents so much.  I can't use only thank you to them.  I'm very grateful to my parents for their encouragement, their confidence in me, even when I was short of confidence, when I experienced some setbacks.
Secondly, when I had good performances, they keep reminding me to be myself, to stay on the ground.
So I really owe them so much for their mental and psychological help.

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