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October 3, 2014

Brad Ausmus


Baltimore ¬Ė 7
Detroit - 6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Brad.

Q.  Brad, how hard is this one to deal with?
BRAD AUSMUS:¬† It's certainly a little tough to swallow.¬† When you have a three‑run lead going into the last couple of innings, you feel like you should get the job done, but we didn't.
There is nothing we can do about it, so we will look forward to Game 3.

Q.  When you took Sanchez out, I think you made it clear to us that there was not going to be any way he could pitch more than two innings.  Was there any thought that he could the way he was throwing carry on into that next inning?
BRAD AUSMUS:  No, we thought 35 was pushing it, so sending him back out would have been tough.

Q.  Alburquerque has not been involved, we expected to see him ahead of Joba in the eighth?
BRAD AUSMUS:  I don't know what your basing that on.

Q.  Based on his performance, and the fact that Joba had been up and down, that was the only question.
BRAD AUSMUS:  Usually when we use Albie, it's earlier in the game, sixth inning, occasionally seventh inning, but we had Sanchee today.

Q.  When Miguel tried to score in the eighth, was there any miscommunication there?  He was right behind Torii, was Dave waiving him all the way?
BRAD AUSMUS:  Yeah, he was being waived in.

Q.  What was your view of that considering there was nobody out?
BRAD AUSMUS:  Like you, I was watching the play develop and hoping they would both make it.

Q.¬† You're now faced going home down 0‑2.¬† You will have home field for two of those games, but you will have to come back here to win.¬† Just your thoughts on the rest of the way and the hole you have to battle out of now.
BRAD AUSMUS:¬† Talking to the team before the series started, we said regardless of what happens today, you win or lose, you put it behind you and focus on the game at hand.¬† We're 0‑2, we understand it, but it doesn't affect us playing Game 3.¬† If you win Game 3, you look to Game 4, but you don't look past the day in front of you.

Q.  Brad, more about Anibal Sanchez.  At this point when you're limiting him to that pitch count, is it due to him not being stretched out, due to an injury risk because he's only pitched one inning in the last seven weeks?
BRAD AUSMUS:  It's more about him not being stretched out.  He was hurt, what was he out, six weeks and he threw one inning, one simulated game.  Asking him to throw really anything more than 30 pitches is a stretch.

Q.¬† You guys, obviously a big eighth, I think last night and another one tonight with your bullpen.¬† Where is your confidence in Joakim Soria and are there other guys you can go to and get in the mix?¬† How do you guys feel confidence‑wise having any starter leave the game when your bullpen can't seem to hold up like that?
BRAD AUSMUS:  I don't know that I necessarily have an answer for that, but if we have a lead in the eighth inning on Sunday, we're going to have to find somebody.

Q.  Brad, just Justin Verlander, why do you think he was done?
BRAD AUSMUS:¬† We talked to him after he came out the previous inning and he said he was running low.¬† Bringing Sanchee in, I didn't want to bring him in the middle of a briar patch with the bases packed.¬† So I decided before the inning started if the lead‑off hitter got on or any hitter got on during the course of the inning with the information that I had on Verlander and what we had in Sanchez, in terms of wanting to bring him in, but not wanting to bring him in in a sticky situation, that was why I brought him in at that point.

Q.¬† Do you think that was a catchable ball, the lead‑off hit?
BRAD AUSMUS:  It's tough for me to say, I'm not an outfielder.

Q.  Can you tell us about Rajai?
BRAD AUSMUS:  He said it tightened up coming down the line out of the box.  He said it tightened up.  I'm assuming it's something he did, but we will continue to treat him and hope he can play on Sunday.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Brad.  See in you Detroit. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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