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October 3, 2014

Oliver Wilson


Q.  What's the verdict on today's 72?
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah.  A little disappointed.  Actually played I'd say the first‑‑ at least the first 11 or 12 holes probably played a little better than I did yesterday.  I drove the ball well today compared to yesterday.  Everything else was good.  I hit good putts today, just nothing would go in, so a little bit frustrating.
Got off to a good start, gave myself chances and just made good putts and nothing would drop in.  The greens were a bit slow around here because of the wind and what was forecast, so it was a little awkward trying to get used to that with the slope and matching them up.
But like I say, I hit good putts.  I hit driver pretty good and my irons were pretty good.  So I played nicely.  Couple of mistakes on the Back 9 more to do with concentration than anything else.
Yeah, you know, I look back, and probably didn't do a whole lot wrong, but level par out there, it wasn't easy, but Kingsbarns does give you a few opportunities and I messed up a few chances, not too far away from the greens and didn't take advantage.  So a little disappointed.  Nice to get it under par yesterday, but level par is okay.

Q.  Currently 102 on the Challenge Tour.  Not where we expect to find you.  How do you explain what's happening this week, come into this marquis field and you're right there?
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah.  It's nice to play big tournaments.  Good atmosphere.  I've been playing well for a while, to be honest.  Really well in practice.  But you know, I've just been a little bit flat over the summer.  Probably played a little bit too much trying to force it.
And I've had‑‑ the schedule's been a little bit less, you know.  There's been more weeks off recently, and I've been doing some good work, change what I've been working on recently.  And I've seen immediate benefits.  Played well.  I had one good round the other week in Kazakhstan.  And obviously yesterday.
Today was solid, you know.  There's a couple of tee shots out there that I hate.  And I hit good tee shots today, so that was nice, nice to come out and do that under a bit of pressure.
But yeah, you know, I can't explain it.  It's just one of those things that's‑‑ it's nice opportunity to come and play the links, three courses that I know and I love to come and play, quite a relaxed format, but just a great atmosphere.  I love the tournament.  And it kind of gives you a bit of confidence and invigoration.

Q.  Just briefly, how big a sense of an opportunity is there going into this weekend?  It could be life changing to put you back where you were.
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah.  It's up to me.  You know, it's a fantastic opportunity.  You know, a good weekend now would change everything dramatically.
You know, it'll be a big ask, but it's doable.  I'm playing well enough to.  Definitely, no question that I'm definitely playing well enough to go out there and shoot two good scores over the weekend.  I've just gotta go do it.

Q.  I wish you luck.

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