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October 3, 2014

Yuting Shi


MODERATOR:  She just won a bronze medal for China, a team medal at the recent Asian Games in South Korea.  She did remarkable today.  Minus 4 after two rounds.
To summarize, so much better improved performance today than yesterday.  The familiarity with the speed of the greens, also that help her with her approach shots, which more accurate.  And also putting very, very well.
And she mentioned that she benefitted from playing together the same group with Suzann Pettersen because of Suzann's consistency and her ability to readjust herself.
She benefited so much from playing together with such a famous player.  The opening hole, which is hole No. 10, was so important for her because she had bogey here yesterday.
So she kind of played a more calm and consistent way.  A little bit cautious.  So she had a pretty good drive on the fairway and then she used a 5‑iron to hit the green, which was 10 feet short of the pin.
Then she putted very well to birdie in the opening hole.  So that paved the way for very good, even better perform position than the rest of the day.
Total of six birdies today.  They were at holes 10, 12, 14, and then 2, 6, and 4, including the 10‑foot putt for birdie at No. 6.  These holes are more memorable of course than the others.

Q.  Yesterday you also started from No. 10.  At the time when you were teeing off, did it feel different from all your previous participation?  This was the first tee off as a pro.
YUTING SHI:  No, not really, didn't feel so much different.  She just feel she was trying to focus on this.  Although my capacity (indiscernible) for the first time as a pro player, but I really concentrated on my play and didn't think too much about something with special significance or anything.

Q.  Well played today.  Last week at the Asian Games you finished fourth I think individually.  Did you expect to get an individual medal at the Asian Games?  Secondly, did you think about delaying your chance to turn pro?  16 does seem young.  What are your plans for the rest of the year as far as qualifying for tours for next year?
YUTING SHI:  To answer the first part of the question, I did have some very well‑prepared warmup for the Asian Games, so I was in pretty good shape going to ‑‑ entering the Asian Games.
Although it was a little bit regrettable that I didn't catch an individual medal, but I still think it was a littlebad, but I still think I won more than losing anything.
Because the process of finishing No. 4 was the first two rounds I was 11 behind and I was kind of catching up in the final two rounds.
So I am just quite pleased.  One more benefit from playing in the Asian Games is I gather how to adjust myself and how to make myself into the opening round more quickly.  So that's a big benefit of playing in the Asian Games.

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