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October 2, 2014

Oliver Wilson


Q.  Carnoustie is tough in the best of times, and you might have the best of it starting early and finishing early, and the wind seems to be picking up?
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah, I did think about that on the last.  It's nice to just get out there and take advantage.  Looking at the forecast, getting Carnoustie out of the way is theoretically the best thing, but you've still got to go and play and shoot a good score to take advantage of it, and I'm delighted that I have.

Q.  We are just looking at The Ryder Cup, obviously you played in 2008, and you must sit there and watch with the rest of us and think, oh, you should be out there.  Hitting golf balls like this, you should be.
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah, it's been a while since I played like that, though.  Yeah, I want to be back there, definitely, and it's inspiring to watch.  The boys played awesome last week.  You look at the team, they are so strong now, got so many big, big names, big players in there.
It will be tough to get back in there, but for me, you watch it and then you come and play a tournament like this, which is fantastic.  Dunhill Links is always one of the best tournaments of the year.  I'm obviously grateful to be here, but just trying to work on my own game to try to get a chance to get back on that team.
Carnoustie, take anything par really, but to shoot how I did‑‑ hit some really good shots out there when it mattered, so I was really pleased.

Q.  8‑under here at Carnoustie‑‑
OLIVER WILSON:  Only one dropped shot which I was disappointed to do, but obviously birdieing the last sort of makes up for that.  So, yeah, delighted to get Carnoustie out of the way.

Q.  Tell me what happened on the 17th.
OLIVER WILSON:  Just made bogey, so nothing too major.  But it's playing tough today.  It really picked up, and hitting two off the left, it's a long haul and didn't hit a great tee shot.  I was out of position and just had about six‑foot for par and missed it.
So it's not the end of the world.

Q.  You mentioned the wind that is picking up.  How important was it to play Carnoustie on the first day, especially with the weather forecast?
OLIVER WILSON:  Scottish weather forecast, you never know how reliable it is.  Theoretically to get Carnoustie out of the way early on in tough conditions is a big advantage.  But you've still got to go and play and shoot a good score, but I got off to a great start.  Was a little edgy around a few of those holes that I've got history on, but I got through them and played really good on the back nine and gave myself some chances.  Played good but putted well, as well, which obviously helps.

Q.  I have the impression that you are more relaxed playing with amateurs and having a chat here and there.
OLIVER WILSON:  It's a great tournament.  It's good fun, and you think everyone's attitude is a little different, it's a little different to the sort of cocoon of a normal tournament.  You have your caddie and amateurs to spend time with and look after.  Mine is very entertaining.  We had a good fourball and it was fun, and that helps in this format because you're out there for quite a long time.  It's been good fun.

Q.  How nice is it to see your name on the leaderboard?
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah, it's been a while.  It's nice to be on that board, yeah.  Like I said, I was really pleased with how I played.  I've been working hard and game is improving all the time.  But to come to a course like this, when I saw Carnoustie first, I was not quite sure, because I was‑‑ I thought it might be nice to play one of the other courses first and get going in the tournament.
So to come to Carnoustie the first round and shoot a score like this, obviously really happy.  Game can be improved but I was really happy.

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