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October 2, 2014

Robert Rock


Q. ¬†Tell us how good 5‑under is around the Old Course?
ROBERT ROCK:¬† It's nice to play the Old Course in sunshine.¬† It's a little bit breezy but always a pleasure, and I played pretty good. ¬†I played really, really well front nine, had 3‑under which was good but probably could have made more of that.¬† Back nine was pretty tough so I'm pleased with making a few more birdies.

Q.  Wind picked up after six or seven holes this morning.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, and I think that was expected, and I was lucky to be first off to get the first few holes in relative calm and so getting a little frustrated to miss a few early on, but carried on playing well, so I'm happy with that.

Q.  How is the format for you?  Do you enjoy this?  Nice long hours out there?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, it's good fun.  I had good fun with Ollie and his partner today.  A nice change from the usual weeks.

Q.  Do you have to temper yourself to get the right balance of your normal style and then just tone it down a bit?
ROBERT ROCK:¬† Yeah, I think so.¬† I think you need to make sure the guys are going to enjoy it, as well and not be quite in the normal zone, I would say, where sometimes you can be‑‑ not feel like talking for five or six holes and that doesn't really work very well in this format.¬† It's more light‑hearted and it's a good way to play.

Q.  Is your playing partner asking for advice or coaching?
ROBERT ROCK:  No, he was cool.  He knew what he was doing.  It's just a tough day for everyone, and the back nine was pretty hard, tricky flag positions.

Q.  And on the coaching front, you're looking after Ollie Wilson for a while, and he's right near the top?
ROBERT ROCK:  I didn't notice.  He's a great player.  Just try to give him a little bit of help here and there.

Q.¬† Nice to see him sort of coming back to something, because he had all those second‑place finishes on the Tour.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, golf goes like that, doesn't it.  He is a great player, there's no doubt.  He'll be winning tournaments in the future.  But you have to take what the game gives you sometimes.

Q.  Will you be in touch after this round?
ROBERT ROCK:  I think so, hang around, see what he made of it.  I was trying to see what he did off the last hole there but I'll find out in a bit.

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