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October 20, 2000

Peter Thomson


Q. Was the afternoon a bit of a shocker?

PETER THOMSON: Well, I'm getting used to it now. No, it wasn't a shocker, but I was very impressed with the U.S. team's performance, I'll put it that way.

Q. Peter, why did you leave out Appleby and Maruyama for tomorrow?

PETER THOMSON: I don't want to talk on the negative side. I'd rather talk about the people I've put in. I've said more than once that this is a very difficult thing that the captain has to do. I don't like doing it. But it has to be done, under these rules. I hope they do away with it, and make everybody play every day. That would suit me fine.

Q. On that subject, Els and Singh, you could be a confused of flogging a dead horse, but obviously you have confidence in them. But you split them up, can you talk about that?

PETER THOMSON: It was their suggestion.

Q. Peter, what was surprising to us, at least, from your side, has been the performance of Mike Weir. Could you speak about how he has played and were you at all surprised by the performance there?

PETER THOMSON: I've been thrilled with his performance. And if there are anymore in Canada like him I'd like to have them. He's been outstanding, I think, up to now.

Q. What do you say to your team tonight when you go back? What's the gist of your comments?

PETER THOMSON: Well, we've already had a scrum. But from here on for a few hours we'll generate some positive thinking and a bit of happiness. We particularly -- well, I don't want anyone to get down. We want to be up. Today really -- today was even, the honors were even, five points each. That shows the balance of the match, if you wipe out that first day. I think we're pretty evenly balanced teams. And from here on anything could happen.

Q. Did some of the other players have to talk you into playing Weir today?


Q. Peter, can you explain this foursome thing?

PETER THOMSON: Foursome thing?

Q. How come?

PETER THOMSON: It's a bloody English invention (laughter.)

Q. You know better than I do what I mean.

PETER THOMSON: It's for old ladies in golf clubs (laughter.) They love it. Husband's and wives don't like it, though.

Q. What about the 9-1, that's the point today?

PETER THOMSON: That shows how I feel about it, but not -- I said so before we started that I'm not a fan of foursomes. I think it's outdated and it's history, gone. And the sooner we get rid of it the better. I said that before, remember. I don't think it allows the players to play at their own speed and mind their own business and perform to their best because they're inhibited by the fact they've got to play only half of the action and I think the spectators don't get it either. It's sort of a half a round. But anyway, back to the actual playing of it, it's a very uncommon thing. We don't do it week in and week out. Does that satisfy the query?

Q. I think you addressed the topic of splitting up Vijay and Ernie, but could you address the possibility of having sat Vijay out tomorrow? Did that occur to you?

PETER THOMSON: If he'd asked me to be left out I would have probably acceded to his wishes. I did break them up in Melbourne after the first day. So this is not the first time.

Q. Just a follow-up to that. Peter, outside of your dislike for the alternate shot, is there a reasonable explanation for the 9-1 margin?

PETER THOMSON: Well, I can't explain that, truthfully. I saw some amazing golf from the U.S. team. I think it was a magnificent performance today. I was amazed really that Duval and Mickelson lost, too, because those two names are your strength, the U.S. strength. So they don't like foursomes, either, I'm sure.

Q. Peter, do you think given where you stand now that the rest in the morning, the fact that you're going again tomorrow afternoon, is that a benefit or is that a detriment to you going in?

PETER THOMSON: That's a great benefit. We're sick of getting up before the sun gets up. So they'll be very glad that they can get out of bed whenever they like and come here at a leisurely pace. It will be good.

Q. Greg seems to get kind of a momentum player. What was the thinking about sitting him in the afternoon?

PETER THOMSON: Greg not playing in the afternoon? Did I not answer that last night? I think I did. But anyway, he was happy to have an afternoon off because he's got a big weekend ahead of him.

Q. It was his choice?

PETER THOMSON: Well, he acceded to my suggestion, like a good team man. Whatever you want, Skipper.

Q. Peter, if you were to get rid of the alternate shot, what would you replace it with, the Four-Ball?

PETER THOMSON: Four-Ball. My dream is to buy a ticket and come and watch two days of Four-Ball and two days of single. I'd even pay money for that.

Q. How many matches do you think you have to win tomorrow to have a realistic go at it on Sunday?

PETER THOMSON: We've got to get within three points, I should say.

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