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October 2, 2014

Eduardo De La Riva


Q.  67 around here is a good score.  You must be happy with it?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yeah, very good. I played really good golf, and with the wind, it's very difficult, and the greens are a little bit difficult, also.  So I am very happy.

Q.  Do you like this style of golf, links golf?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yes, I like very much the links courses.  I played last year the British Open at Muirfield and I finished 15.  So I like very much these courses, tricky courses.

Q.  Do you like it when the wind blows more or less?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yes, I like very much the wind, not too much the rain.  But with the wind I am happy.

Q.  Why is that?  What about the wind do you like?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:¬† Because I always play in‑‑ my course is near the beach, and I am‑‑ I play all my life with wind.¬† So I am happy with the wind.

Q.  Does it feel stronger this afternoon?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yes, very strong.  The nine back holes are very strong, the wind.  And I think tomorrow it's going to be a lot of hard winds.  We need to play good golf with this wind.

Q.¬† What about this tournament, how much do you like this tournament and the Pro‑Am format?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yeah, I like it.  I am with a very good guy, so I am happy with this tournament.  All is good.

Q.  You played last year, didn't you?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yes.  I played last year.

Q.  You did reasonably well, didn't you?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yes, I finished 30 or 40 or something like that, and with my amateur, we finished fourth.  So very good.  It's different, different tournament.

Q.  Does that make it sort of a bit more enjoyable, you can relax a bit?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yeah, it's very slow.  You need to be concentrated, but it's good.  It's good.  It's different.

Q.  And what about your season as a whole?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  My season, I play good from January to June, but from June to September these last three months, I played very bad.  So I need good tournaments to finish the year.

Q.  Maybe this week?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA:  Yeah, this week.

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