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October 1, 2014

Bruce Bochy


Q.  Bruce, you had three guys who were kind of mainstays who weren't on the roster.  Morris, we know, was hurt.  Gutierrez, Kontos there at the end.  Did you have any conversations with them, and how did those go?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† I think they understand.¬† This is a one‑game roster.¬† And your next series, it would be fortunate to go there, and that changes.¬† We felt like we're better off going with a couple of long men instead of those two.¬† I think they understand.
We have our short relievers to help us out from the fifth inning on, and it just felt like we might need some length in case something happens.  You saw last night the game went extra innings.  So to cover ourselves, we put a couple starters in there, Petit and Peavy.
They understand.  That's what we felt was the best for this game.

Q.  Bruce, can you just talk about your decision to put six rookies on the roster.  It seems like a real reward for a job well done by them this season.
BRUCE BOCHY:   Yeah, no question.  I think these kids have done a great job, how they've handled themselves.  We've had some injuries, so these guys had to come up and help us.
Because of numbers, this is what we have, and I just think that with the production that they gave us, they've earned this.  Sure, it would be nice to have Morris.  It would be nice to have Pagan, we don't.  When you have injuries, you have to call on guys within your system, and that's what we've done.

Q.  Bruce, to what extent could you use Jake and still be able to bring him back Friday if you do make it that far?  And then also with Lincecum, how much was it a deliberation to put him on the roster?  And what do you feel he can bring?  Why is he on there?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, with Jake, if we use Jake, I would say it would be questionable if he would pitch the first game.  Again, if we're fortunate to get through this.
As far as Timmy, there's no question about him being on this roster.  I think his versatility brings a lot to our bullpen.  He can be a long guy.  He can help in middle relief, maybe get a big out there late in the ball game, or if this thing happened to go extra innings, he's a guy that could give us some innings.

Q.  Bruce, you have Travis Ishikawa playing left field.  I looked at his career, this is his fifth game or sixth game playing left field. Knowing what you do about PNC park's left field, is there some concern, at least defensively, what he might face out there?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, we know it's a big left field here, but I think he reassured us with the job he did in our left field, the two games he played there at the end of the season.  He looked like he saw the ball well off the bat.  He tracked it well.
Here's a guy who has experience in a game like this.  He played for us in the World Series.  Granted, he hasn't played a lot of left field, but he's been taking a lot of flyballs there since he's been up here.  We told him that that's a possibility as far as getting in the lineup.
So he's been working out there.  Looks comfortable, and I think with our choices, he's our best choice because he can provide some offense, and he looked like he did a nice job out there in the few games he played.
I mean, he has no fear about being out there.  He wants to be out there.  He wants to be in the lineup.  So sometimes you do things that, you know, may be out of the norm because of your injury situation, and with Pagan down, and I think the struggles of Perez, this kind of forces.

Q.  Yesterday Morris went into the cage and said he was going to try to swing all out.  How did that go, and what are his prospects for any future series?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I think, if this thing goes on, he will be activated at some point.  He's just not ready today.  Believe me, I wish he was.  It would be nice to have him coming off the bench, but he's not quite ready.
Hey, it's not what we don't have.¬† We've got to focus on what we have right now, and that's this 25‑man roster.

Q.  Bruce, it is an unusual situation that you might bring in a starter in relief in these sorts of games.  What's your philosophy about bringing a guy in in the middle of the inning who's normally a starter?  Is that something you talk about with these guys to determine whether you want to do that or not?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, Dave Righetti and I, believe me, we discuss all the scenarios.  Ideally, you don't want to bring a starter in that type of situation.  He's not accustomed to it.  Your bullpen is.
You try to pick your spots, but sometimes you may be forced to.  The game will dictate that.  But we'll see how the game goes, where we're at in the ball game.  But you need to cover yourself by having some innings.
Like I said, last night you saw that game go extra innings.¬† I mean, we saw Cueto go down in the playoff game the first inning.¬† That's why we decided to go with a couple guys.¬† We actually had three‑‑ Timmy, Jake, and Petit, who could give us innings if needed.

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