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October 1, 2014

Pablo Sandoval


Q.  Pablo, I know you and Salvy Perez are good friends.  Did you get a chance to talk to him after his big hit last night and how exciting that was for him?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  Yeah, I got a chance to send a text message last night to congratulate him because it's a big opportunity.  Not many players can be in the postseason, especially in that game.  So he got a big hit.  I just was excited for him because he worked hard to be in that situation.

Q.  Pablo, your last postseason experience was the 2012 World Series.  That turned out very well for you.  How much more confidence does that give you heading into this experience?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  Well, it was a good experience.  2012 postseason for me was exciting.  But it's confidence right now.  I just want to play my game like another game.  I'm just going to work hard to get the things going our way as soon as possible to support my teammates, support them on the mound.  I just try to do my game out there.  Not focus on last postseason.

Q.¬† Pablo, it sounds like you watched that crazy game last night.¬† What do you think about this one game?¬† It's a situation the Giants haven't been in before, the one‑game wild card.
PABLO SANDOVAL:  These are crazy games, you know.  It's going to be both ways.  It can be your way.  It can be the other team's way.
We're just going to be focused on our team.  We're not going to focus on the other team, what they do.  We're going to focus on our team.  Doing the best we can out there.  It can be either way.  So try to do the best we can out there.

Q.¬† Pablo, does it really help to have the experience that you guys had two years ago in all of those elimination games coming into this one‑game wild card?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  Yeah, it's going to help a little bit.  We've been in this situation, elimination games this time, and we're going to do the best way we can.  It's going to be a good experience, another experience for me because we've been in an elimination game but not like this, where one game is win or go home.  So try to do the best we can.

Q.  Pablo, some of your teammates and yourself to a degree maybe struggled a little bit down the stretch with the bat.  I was just wondering, do you feel that maybe you pressed a little bit going down the stretch against the Dodgers, trying to win the division?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  No.  Like I say, it's all up and down during the season.  During the stretch, we traveled, everything to win the division, but no matter what, we're going to get the opportunity to play one game in the postseason.
It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be interesting for us, for my teammates.  You know, we go up and down.  So try to do the best today out there, try to get a hit, try to make the pitcher work.  So it's going to be more important for us this game.

Q.  Pablo, I was joking with Javier Lopez earlier today.  He said he's probably going to get the night off because he's got Madison going a complete game.  Can you just talk about the confidence you guys have with Madison on the mound and what makes him so dangerous.
PABLO SANDOVAL:  We've got a lot of confidence with him on the mound because he's been in big games when he signed 20 years old in the big leagues, you know.  He's been in that situation a lot of times.  He went to the World Series.
His experience is going to help a little bit more with the fans.  So he's calm in the dugout.  I hope he can control nine innings.  I'm happy.  I'm waiting for that moment, for this moment to support him back on the mound.

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