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September 28, 2014

Zach Johnson


ZACH JOHNSON: It wasn't the easiest of things, Victor played tremendous. I mean, quite honestly, I was kind of hoping we wouldn't have to play 18. They all played great. It wasn't just today.

Q. How does your team turn it around and the United States get a victory? Obviously foursomes were the difference this week?
ZACH JOHNSON: We have just got to play better is what it boils down to. I don't think it's anything overly difficult to figure out. I think it's quite simple actually.

Q. Obviously the foursomes yesterday, anything you put your finger on?
ZACH JOHNSON: I would have to think about that for a while. I would have to go back and look. I really don't know. I really don't. I would have to analyse it. It's too early for me to give you a reason or a theory.

Q. Your thoughts on this particular match against Dubuisson?
ZACH JOHNSON: We both played pretty steady. I think I missed two greens in regulation and maybe one or two fairways. I just didn't make enough putts early on. I had a lot of opportunities early and hit good putts, lipped out three or four times. But he played good. He obviously made putts when he had to. That was evident.

Q. How do you summarize the week? Obviously disappointment, I would imagine, being the first word?
ZACH JOHNSON: Disappointment for sure, but always an honour and always something that I look forward to
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