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September 28, 2014

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: To sit down and digest that, I don't think that takes minutes or even days. I'm sure it's going to take a little time. We always think we have an answer and we're going to move forward and this year is going to be different. We've obviously struggled, and we may have come up with more big shots and played better. The foursomes was a surprise to me. I always feel like that's a format that we have been very strong at and where we've done really well in the past. Here we went out and won the fourballs 5-3 and got decimated 7-1 in the foursomes. All in all, it was too much to come back from.

Q. That was a shock with the 7-1, because it had been pretty even in the last decade?
JIM FURYK: I felt like we had a good team, we had a lot of guys we could play in the foursomes as well. It was difficult decisions for the captain. I felt like we had a lot of guys that could play well in that format.

Q. Did you feel like it was a putt here, a chip there that there was high quality golf?
JIM FURYK: Early there wasn't. The first four or five holes -- the first three holes we were both nervous. We hit some bad shots. We were all even going to 4. He hit a foot. I birdied 5. Then from there out we played some pretty good golf. The difference for me was I didn't make the putts that I needed to make to put pressure on him early in the middle of the round. The big turning point was 11, he made about -- he hung a wedge right and buried it in the lip of the bunker. I hit it in there 7 feet, he hit that plugged lie all the way across the green, made a 50-footer for par. I wasn't able to come up with the 7-footer. That left you us at me 1-up. He then turned around with momentum and birdied the next hole on 12 to get back even. He bogey add 13. Again, I had it in there eight feet and didn't make it for birdied. He missed the par putt and went back to 1-up. Then I birdied three of the last five and still lost the match. He birdied 14, as well, good up and down. That was six inches inside almost on the identical line. He made his and mine skimmed away on the right. So I guess I'm even at that point. We go to 16, drive a 3-wood in there, two-putt for birdie, and he makes about a 12-footer for eagle. 18, I hit the best tee shot for the day. Hit a hybrid right at it and he had the answer. He knocked an iron on and he had it on the same line as I did. I still had it about 30 feet back there and couldn't coax it in. He came up with some big putts down the stretch and played well. And I, in the middle of the round, when I had the opportunity, some birdie putts at 6, 7 -- wasn't 7, never mind. Birdie putts at 6, 10, 11, I didn't make some big putts to separate myself. That gave him some help and then he played great to win
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