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September 28, 2014

Hunter Mahan


Q. Up and down day, would you say?
HUNTER MAHAN: I got off to a great start and then he birdied four in a row, and back and forth on the back nine and tough to lose at the last like that. I hit it in the one spot you can't hit it over there. It stinks. It was a tough battle all day.

Q. What were you looking at over there with that chip?
HUNTER MAHAN: I was looking at not many options. I had to hit a perfect shot to hit the green, I thought. There wasn't many things I could do. Like I said, I hit to hit a really, really, really good shot to hit the green.

Q. You tried to play as high as you could, just hit it as to far?
HUNTER MAHAN: I couldn't run it, I couldn't putt it. I had very little control over the shot. I was on a downhill lie in the first cut and I had no pass. I just didn't have much. I tried to get it up in the air and downhill lie and hit behind it and it rocketed. Just frustrating. Rosie hit it in a great spot there. I knew he was going to make 4, so I had -- I had to be aggressive. I didn't think he was going to miss a 3-footer.

Q. What was your attitude going in? Justin arguably has been their guy. Here you had a chance to slay the man?
HUNTER MAHAN: Arguably the best player this week. He played great every match. I think I made seven or eight birdies today and had to go to 18. He played great. You play a guy that's playing as good as you. If you told me I got a half and I made seven or eight birdies, I would be happy but not to do it on the last hole like that.

Q. What do you take out of this week, this day?
HUNTER MAHAN: Phil talked it last night. Ryder Cups and the team events and trying to win majors is what it's all about. Those are the memories you are going to have. These happens every two years. You have got to enjoy your teammates and players and everyone bonding together and getting to know one another better. You try to go out there and play some good golf. I don't know how it's going to finish today, but it doesn't look good. We just played a team that's playing better than us. I don't think there is anything to it other than that.

Q. What was Phil's pep talk like?
HUNTER MAHAN: Like I said, he just wants us to cherish every part of this week and not lose focus of that and not take a loss here and be like it was a waste of our time or anything. This was a great week. I thought everyone played really well. It was a putt here or a chip-in there. I thought it was great golf. I thought the weather behaved for us, which was nice. Maybe my match was indicative of what we had this week, played some great golf, but just couldn't finish it out.

Q. What does it say about Phil that on a day when he didn't play at all, I'm sure that he was very disappointed, that he could give such an inspirational talk?
HUNTER MAHAN: Like we know, Phil is getting to the end of his road, the last few holes of his playing round (laughter), I think he's looking back on these. He's played in these like 20 straight years, something ridiculous like that. This is what he remembers. These are the good times and the fight, and the combat between myself and Rosie, and the competition, that's what makes us better, that's what golf and this great game is about.

Q. Can you put your finger on why foursomes are such a struggle for you guys?
HUNTER MAHAN: I thought we had great groups. I thought guys were playing well. I don't know. You know, when you are a foursome, it's fourball, who knows what didn't go right. I couldn't tell you. I thought Zach and I played pretty well the first day and we just got beat. In the end we got beat by guys who were playing better
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