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September 28, 2014

Justin Rose


Q. In both of your previous Ryder Cups singles playing No. 4, playing No. 4 again today. Did you put your hand up for that hoping to find him again?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't think you have a hope to find Phil. He's such a material player you never know what you're going to get. It was made known that we were probably playing four even before the draw came out. Whoever you get, you've got a tough game. I always have a tough game with Hunter Mahan. That's where my mind has been for the last 14 hours or whatever.

Q. 3 1/2 points of 4 so far, you're playing five matches in total. Like you did at Medinah, is adrenaline your fuel today, because it's tiring, the Ryder Cup?
JUSTIN ROSE: It is really tiring, but I feel fresh and I feel good. From that point of view, ready to go. The adrenaline will carry you through. I think that's what I expected. I'm surprised how fresh I was feeling. Today is all about getting in the zone. You can feel the tension, you can feel the pressure. You've got to remind yourself that's exactly what we practice for, and this is fun.

Q. The last thing you see as you leave your locker room is an image of Seve and a quote from Bob Torrance. How powerful are those images?
JUSTIN ROSE: Those are guys that devoted their lives to the game of golf, and obviously they're no longer with us. So it's probably a great time to take a bit of stock and say, right, this is as good as it gets. Obviously life is short, so enjoy these moments.
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