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September 27, 2014

Grigor Dimitrov


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Your friend Novak is undefeated at this tournament; defending champion.  You've yet to win a match here.  What do you expect this coming week?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, I'm really happy to get back on a competitive level.  Happy to start that campaign.  For me it's obviously important tournaments coming ahead.  I'm looking forward for a really strong finish, especially towards the end of the year.
I'm excited to get into business again.  I feel really, really good, comfortable on the courts.  Hopefully I can do a good impact out here.

Q.  It's been the best year of your career.  What would it mean to make it to London?  What do you need to do this week to help you get there?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, I need to perform with my best every week basically from now on.  That's the most, I think, important thing.
But, I mean, after all, as you mentioned, I've been having a great year so far.  I don't want to stop here.  Of course, I want to get to London.  That's going to be probably the ultimate reward for me, to get to London.  If not, then it's not meant to happen.
I'm positive in my power in the moment and how I've been performing, and I'm sure I can come up with the goods.

Q.  First match against a lefty with Verdasco.  You've never beaten him before.  What will be different this time?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  I know the player well.  Played couple times against him, so I know what to expect.
There's not much to focus on the opponent.  It's more important for me to focus on my game and the way I've been playing lately.  I had a few really good matches early on the hard court season, so I'm looking forward to keep up that form.
I think nothing more, nothing less.

Q.  You're the semifinalist of this year's Wimbledon, now you're ranked in the top 10.  What do you think is the difference for you to compete in the Asian and European indoor season to end your 2014?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  It's always good if you can get the highest rank possible in the end of the year.  Of course, Wimbledon was definitely the best tournament for me so far.  I had a good results anyway.
Of course, I'm going to try to do my best and get into that position.  Again, in order to do that I need to perform really well.  That means getting out to London, as well.
That's a lot of things lined up for the last four, five weeks of the year.  But it's a great way to finish.

Q.  Pretty tough draw for you with Djokovic, Murray and Cilic all on your side of the bracket.  Did you notice that?  How do you like your chances going forward in the tournament?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  I mean, I don't look at the draw too much.  I mean, there's not one easy round out here if you think about it.  Everyone is playing really well.  Let's not forget it's the end of the year and some of the players are not feeling the best way.  You have to have that in mind.  I think at some point the mental toughness comes into play more than anything else.
I think I should definitely focus on myself and the matches that I'm going to be playing, each match.  That's basically the most important thing.  But the rest is just a matter of how I'm going to adjust and see if I face either one of them.

Q.  Cilic with Nishikori at the final of the US Open.  What is your comment on the current men's tennis, the competitiveness of the top players in men's tennis?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Do I have to answer in Chinese (laughter)?  I wish I could.
I think it's great to see some new faces out there.  It's just different to see that final, I must say.  I've watched a little bit of it.  It's nice to see that shift, new faces, new players, fighting for a trophy like that.
That actually shows that the whole game I think is changing a little bit and everyone is fighting to get into that position.
Yeah, they've been definitely the talk of the town in the past weeks, but there's a good reason why.  But, of course, let's not forget there's a lot more tournaments to be played.  I think everyone is hungry to win some matches.

Q.  This is your second time in Beijing.  Aside from the tournament, do you have any other plans?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Hopefully I have some time to go around.  I've been to the Chinese wall I think last year, if I remember correct.
Yeah, I'm looking forward maybe to go to the Forbidden City, something like that.  It's always nice if you have a little bit of time and you can explore a little bit of the culture.
It's definitely a little bit of a shift in the mind and something new.  I'm always positive when it comes to experiences like that.

Q.  Including you, Federer and Gasquet, you have had really good results for single‑handed backhand players.  This kind of technology, what does it mean to the tennis world?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  You mean the one‑handed technology (laughter)?
I think in a way it's very tough to explain something like that because it's just the way you've been taught how to play tennis.  But I think it's never easy.  I think one‑hander is one of the toughest shots to be able to play like that.  And to be consistent, you need to put a little bit of extra work and different work, especially when it comes to the gym and the kind of exercise you got to do.
I mean, of course I remember one hand because I always play with one hand, I love that shot.  It just looks different, as well, on the court.
I think lately I haven't seen that many people playing with one hand, as well.  I think everything is shifting a little bit.  I think I'll stick to the one hand.

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