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September 27, 2014

Justin Rose


Q. Assess what has come over you here at The Ryder Cup over the last couple of days.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, this morning without question, I was obviously in a great zone this morning and played great and made everything I looked at. This afternoon was more of a battle. Foursomes is a tough format sometimes. Martin and I were making some unforced errors, and obviously Patrick and Jordan were, and it was a match no one really wanted to take it by the scruff of the neck and win it. Obviously we gave up a couple bogeys there at 16, 17, and 1-down playing the last. Martin actually turned around my mind-set. He said, "Come on, we deserve half a point out of this match." That's what picked me up playing 18. To have that opportunity to pull out the halve, that obviously makes the day feel great and keeps the momentum for us going into tomorrow.

Q. Why do you think you've been dominant in foursomes play?
JUSTIN ROSE: I believe it hasn't been typically over the course of The Ryder Cup. I believe we've been better in fourball than foursomes, so I don't know quite why that is. I think maybe Europe is a little stronger in depth now and we have more consistent ball-strikers across the board, which helps this format. That's the only thing I can point to. Yeah, I think 3 1/2 points is a record yesterday, and obviously we've tied a record for us today. So that was pretty special.

Q. United States Team comes here saying, remember Medinah, and you can remember Medinah, too, because they were in the same hole you guys were in. What do you think the mood is going to be like in the team room tonight for them?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, the score is 10-6 and we know it's possible. The only difference is The European Team stole a couple points in the afternoon, but doesn't matter after a night's sleep. It's basically going to be come out with good enthusiasm, respect your opponents, obviously respect what can happen and understand the finish line is nowhere near yet. Still have four and a half points to earn tomorrow. That's four or five guys that need to go out and play great golf, and that's nearly half the team. So the way I see it, we have some work to do.
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