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September 27, 2014

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson


Q. Henrik, you played great, talk about your partner and what you saw in him today.
HENRIK STENSON: He played phenomenal. It was definitely him that was the backbone in our team today and I was lucky enough to be there and backing up on a couple of occasions. I didn't play my best. I think I played better than I did yesterday morning in the better-ball. We just made ten birdies together from 7 to get to 16. We didn't give it away, did we.

Q. Some are calling it one of the most exciting matches in Ryder Cup history, did it feel like that to you?
HENRIK STENSON: It's hard to reflect on it that way when you're playing, but I guess like I say, 21 birdies in 16 holes between us, that's something special. Yeah, it might be a highlight to put on the big screen with the grand kids one day, right.

Q. I don't know whether to interview you or just to bow to you. That was one incredible display.
HENRIK STENSON: I think you should bow.

Q. Where does that amazing putting come from? Is it just a moment that fires you up?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know it's been a combination of a lot of hard work but absolutely. It's just the anticipation of what it's going to feel like to make putts and then getting zeroed into it and getting really focused. We have those rare moments in the game and I think Ryder Cup is amazing because the pressure is so much that you have one choice, you either focus or you struggle. Obviously I went the right way with it all today. Henrik was a fantastic partner. He started our momentum today at 7. I missed one from eight feet, I can't believe I missed. But I missed one from eight feet and Henrik knocked it in from seven feet which was huge and that started just a phenomenal run, ten birdies in a row. Give Bubba and Matt credit, we knew we were up against it with those guys and the spirit in which they played the match was phenomenal. They would have won nine times out of ten today.
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