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September 26, 2014

Martina Hingis

Flavia Pennetta


6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ (Through translation.)テつ Martina, after yesterday's match you went to visit a famous tourist resort in Wuhan, Tanhualin.テつ Today's match, you played quite good in this match.テつ Does the visit help a lot?テつ In next year's event will you still come?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Well, I think in our case sometimes it's nice to visit the country or the city where you are.テつ Obviously it gives you new ideas, refreshes your mind.

Q.テつ (Through translation.)テつ The second question.テつ Will you still come next year?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Well, now just take it one at a time, right?テつ Hopefully.テつ Next year, who knows?テつ But we have to finish this year first, right?テつ You let us finish tomorrow, and then we will see what happens next year.
You know, it's our third finals together, and hopefully this will be the third time lucky.テつ And of course that will be amazing to be able to defend a title.

Q.テつ (Through translation.)テつ Two questions.テつ First, when you were playing your match you always put a smile on your face.テつ Could you please tell us something about your state of mind, what was going on in your mind when you are playing the match?テつ And second question is for Flavia.テつ You played quite well this time.テつ Do you think where your advantage lies, the technical skills or your cooperation?テつ Do you think you fit in with each other well?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ First question...
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ First and second, you can do that.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ You have to say something.テつ I forgot the first question.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I can answer to the second.テつ I think we play really well together.テつ It's good, because when one play better, the other one just stay there all the time.
Like she said, we play just five tournaments together.テつ This is the third final.テつ So it's pretty good.テつ We are really happy.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ I think I'm smiling.テつ Well, sometimes I'm smiling because I hit a really good shot, and on the other time, I'm like really bad shot.テつ So she's there to keep it straight and focused.テつ It's good energy to Flavia.
Today was really good, because I'm like, you know, sometimes it's funny to just be straightforward.テつ She does that very well for me, to handle me (smiling).

Q.テつ Until now you have a good performance in doubles.テつ I want to know who is in charge of you, or, I mean, who is the leader?テつ The other doubles, which one do you think is better?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Well, I think the most important thing is not about who is the leader or not, but it's the teamwork.テつ Sometimes I can play better; sometimes Flavia plays better.テつ But it's to keep the level.テつ At the end you have to win the last point, and it doesn't matter sometimes how, but it's...
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Important to win it.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Yes, exactly.

Q.テつ Which one do you think is better?
THE MODERATOR:テつ Which other doubles teams do you think...

Q.テつ Which one?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ There is a rankings, you know.テつ The rankings are here to say who is the top teams of the world, but...
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Are you talking about tomorrow or in general?テつ The question iswe want to play tomorrow against who or who is the best team in the world?
THE MODERATOR:テつ Who you play tomorrow.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I mean, they are really good tomorrow.テつ They are really good, both.テつ We will see.テつ We don't have to choose.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ I think they play new teams, both of them.テつ I think for the crowd it will be obviously nice to see Peng in the finals.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Of course here, especially.テつ So the better shall win.テつ I don't know.テつ It's two new, completely new teams.テつ Normally it's not the usual partners that they have, so it's hard to tell who is going to win tonight.

Q.テつ (Through translation.)テつ My question is for Martina.テつ You really presented an excellent performance in today's match.テつ So what do you think is the reason for your victory?テつ You have been absent from the court for quite a long time.テつ How did you maintain the feeling of playing tennis when you come back to the court?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Well, I think today was a very high‑level match.テつ I mean, the beginning was really important to get up, and I think we won today most of the deciding points, which made that little difference, because when you look at the statistics, it was very even.
I mean, at the end, you know, that's the deciding ‑‑we were just, the important points I think today we were better.

Q.テつ (Through translation.)テつ And after years of absence from the court, how did you maintain the feeling or get back the feeling of playing tennis?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Well, I think, you know, the important thing is also to stay in shape in general, like have a healthy lifestyle, go run sometimes, you know, I have my horses, and that's the most important.
You know, being able now to playing with Flavia, I think someone who has been there all the time, we know each other for the last 15 years on and off, you know.テつ Although sometimes I wasn't there.テつ I was playing legends and some exhibition.
But she's always been the solid, so she usually takes the important points (smiling).
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Today, no.テつ Today was you.

Q.テつ I was wondering if you have stable relationship for good results on tennis court.テつ We know you come again on court.テつ Are you trying to achieve some kind of goals, or you just want to settle down when the right time comes with a loving family and a baby?
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Yeah, I think I have time for this.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Not too much (smiling).
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ I think the question here is almost inappropriate.テつ We are in the finals tomorrow, so of course tennis is priority right now.
We have a great partnership.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ In the future, maybe.テつ We need two, three more years, and then we gonna decide.テつ We are young.
MARTINA HINGIS:テつ Early 20s (smiling).

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