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September 26, 2014

Victor Dubuisson

Graeme McDowell


VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, look forward to play tomorrow, and, yeah, I am happy about the way we played today. I knew he was going to make one, but yeah, tomorrow, it will be a good day and I hope we play together again.

GRAEME McDOWELL: This guy was swashbuckling some iron shots into those greens today. Like I say, hopefully we'll get a game tomorrow morning. I think we might play twice together tomorrow all being well and I'm very much looking forward to it. It's been a lot of fun today. Been a long day out there in the wind, and what can I say, I get great partners at Ryder Cups. I've played with Rory McIlroy the last couple of Ryder Cups and I get a chance to play today with a young rookie who I firmly believe is Europe's next superstar and a lot of fun to be alongside of him.

VICTOR DUBUISSON: I was very nervous last night. It was a long wait this morning, but on the first tee, the way he's been with me the last few days, it's been very good, sharing this experience with him today, he's probably the most experienced Ryder Cup player ever. So playing with him was really important for me, and it really helped me to play my game.

Q. Both of you, taking on Mickelson and Bradley, taking on fours matches in The Ryder Cup and being on the receiving end in Medinah a couple years ago, that's a very strong partnership, a little bit daunting.
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, I've watched the last few Ryder Cups, I know they are probably the stronger pairing in their team. But you know, it's even more motivating I think. It's even more motivating to play against a guy like that, and yeah, we did the job. Graeme, I think thank a lot for helping me the last few days.

Q. A 5-3 situation going into tomorrow, it's a pretty good position going into it but still a long way to go?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Absolutely. These guys are an extremely quality team, as are us. But so many matches coming down the last hole today, that says a lot about how close these matches really are and how far it's going to be to win. Victory and really gelled well this afternoon. We are hoping to get another couple games under our belts, who knows, whatever the captain suggests. Great day and good start. Our key was to really get some momentum under the belt early doors, as opposed to our start at Medinah and that was the goal today. Hopefully the captain is happy enough.

Q. How does it feel to end on that run?
GRAEME McDOWELL: That was a lot of fun today. It was a long wait this morning having to sit out and sort of watch the boys play. Victory and were really fired up for this afternoon, and I've got to say, one thing about my Ryder Cup experience is I always get great partners. I played with Rory McIlroy the last couple. This kid right here, I'm telling you right now, folks, this kid is the next superstar in Europe. This kid is really, really good.

Q. Your first experience in Ryder Cup, can you describe how exciting that was?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, I was a little nervous. It was tough to get some positive excitement. I was really nervous, really stressed this morning. When I got on the tee with Graeme, it was just a dream, it was fantastic. The stress completely disappeared. Graeme has been fantastic for me. Playing here, it's very new for me and he's been fantastic for me.

Q. What advice did you give him?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Yeah, this is one of the toughest foursome golf courses I've ever played, I have to say. I hit my first iron shot on 12 today and it was a 6-iron and it was very difficult I have to say. It was tough to stay in your rhythm, but I told Victor to go and enjoy himself today and use the crowd. The crowd are phenomenal and use them any time he needed them. The way he's been playing in practice and again today, he didn't need much advice. I just had to just kind of wind him up and let him go.

Q. How much were you feeding off the energy of the crowd?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: It's amazing. It's very different of playing Majors. Here all the crowd is cheering for you. It's incredible. You don't get any like -- you only get positive energy here. As Paul said yesterday in the speech, he said that when you're about to hit a shot, you really want to hit it well to really please the crowd.
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