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September 26, 2014

Justin Rose


Q. What a day for both you and Henrik.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. It was nice to kick on this afternoon and get that point. We got off to a good start, felt really comfortable. We were 2-up early, but Hunter and Zach are good, and they are really good in that format. They got us back to all-square. Going down nine, I said to Henrik, "This is going to be a battle. This is going to be a tough match." I kind of knew it was going to be coming down to the wire. I felt like we got a bit lucky on the last hole. Zach hit a beautiful 5-iron that looked stone dead in the air to be honest with you, and for them to force the birdie out of the hole obviously opened the door for us to win 2 & 1. For the most part, that match was going right to the end.

Q. Such a volatile format, you have to cope with the fluctuations, one minute you were closing 2-up and then it disappeared, the way that fortune fluctuated, as well, on the 17th hole. It must be very mentally demanding.
JUSTIN ROSE: It is mentally demanding because there was a lapse of, not so much concentration but it was a frustrating moment on the 8th hole where we 3-putted from pretty much nowhere; the wind was gusting and you could sort of lose your confidence very quickly out here when you start missing short ones. The greens are not perfect greens. They are rolling nicely but when the wind is buffeting you, very easy to miss putts out here. Speed of the greens have been an issue all day. There was a moment where we had to collect ourselves going down 9, and Henrik hit a beautiful 3-wood in there. We were able to make birdie, as were the American Team. But just kept our momentum going, I guess another key was me rolling in a nice putt at 11, that kind of got the juices flowing again and put that little missed putt behind me mentally for sure. We played really well from that moment. We drove the ball really, really well today. Some of the holes that gave us trouble this morning, getting the ball in play, we managed to clean up this afternoon and in alternate-shot, getting the ball well off the tee is such a huge advantage.

Q. How different is it for you playing in The Ryder Cup just in terms of how pumped you are? That putt on 11, the way you celebrated that just told me so much about what was going on inside Justin Rose at that moment.
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, Captain McGinley was on that green and he talked to us about the fact that when you hole a putt, you have the ability to light up the crowd. As I was over the putt, too, the 10th green went up in a huge cheer. So it kind of reminded me that, right, let's make some noise here. So obviously when it went in, yeah, I celebrated the moment quite nicely.

Q. How fresh are you? You've had a sting on the thumb. Is it still hurting?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's still stinging obviously a bit swollen. But that has not affected the golf at all. It's just mainly something to whinge about. But winning this morning, I think that helped a lot. If you have two grueling matches that come down to the end, it takes a lot out of you, because the matches are tough but when it gets down to the wire, the last hole or two, you really start grinding it out and that takes a lot out of you, the nervous energy you burn right at the end of a match. But I feel relatively fresh considering. My legs feel it but mentally and physically, for the most part, feeling good.
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