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September 26, 2014

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson


Q. Thoughts on the day?
JUSTIN ROSE: Been really, really special. Captain put a lot of faith in me and Henrik this morning going out first, obviously kept us together and felt we were playing well. Foursomes is such a different format to fourballs, so for us to firstly play fourball together was great, and then to gel together, I thought we were really good today and strong today in alternate-shot. Just a great day. Really enjoyed it.

Q. Seven different partners in Ryder Cup, first time you've been allowed to play with someone twice; is he a keeper?
HENRIK STENSON: He definitely is a keeper, I hope so. It was a great day. I think we played even better now in the afternoon. I didn't feel overly happy with my game in the morning but I hit some key iron shots and made a couple of birdies when needed and in the afternoon, I think striking was much better on my behalf. I have to thank him for making that putt on 12. I left him hanging with a nasty 10-footer for par after I left it way short. He told me to make it. That was key to keep that one. Got it back on 15 and they made a great up-and-down for birdie on 16 and then, yeah, probably felt like they needed to try and make something happen here and closed out the match that way.

Q. It's possible Captain McGinley will ask you to play all five matches. Are you up for that?
JUSTIN ROSE: This week, you do what you're told, and you put any whinging aside and you get on with it, but it's not whinging; to have the opportunity to play Ryder Cup Matches is just such a thrill. Obviously there's so many good players on this team but you can only field eight a day. So if that's what's called of us, we'll be up for it.

Q. And your afternoon match --
HENRIK STENSON: They are two great players that don't give away anything for free really, so when you have to make birdies on holes to fight it out -- we played really well, like I said in the earlier interview there, I think we played better in the afternoon and I think we made six birdies in foursomes. We didn't make that in the morning, I know that much. So we played solid in the afternoon and got the point, so very happy with that.

Q. What's your overall perspective of how it's going so far?
JUSTIN ROSE: This morning's fourballs looks like it started really strong, and the obviously U.S. seemed to get a good finish on us and they obviously won the session. There was a lot of blue on the board early again today, and obviously it was just great to see Lee finish it off with Jamie on the last, because the 18th hole wasn't that kind to us this morning. So it was great they could get there. I kind of had that in my head going up 18. It was great to finish before we got to 18, but the 18th hole this morning, it would have been fun for us to obviously finish strong there. All in all, you look at the board, it's all set up and we've had a great day so far. It's been a good start
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