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September 26, 2014

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson


Q. Talk about being the top match for Team Europe.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's the job, that's the role, when you go out 1, that's the position obviously captain put you into to go deliver a putt. That's what me and the ice man came to do today. Got off to a good start and we know how key that was. The course was playing hard early and we managed to steal a few birdies when we could.

Q. What's the pride this morning leading the team with your good friend?
HENRIK STENSON: I felt like a very solid and good partner here in Justin. We know each other well and had good fun out there and most importantly, we delivered our point, and pretty early, too, so we can relax a little bit.

Q. This week, so many comfortable pairings on this European side, and in particular for you in this top match, you started off the day, how important is that friendship playing alongside Henrik?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's big because Henrik and I are friends and we know each other well and we've played a bit of golf together and our caddies get on great. But we've never played together in a team match so for us to get off to this start of start and build some momentum is fantastic. I put him under a bit of pressure today, a couple of holes, especially the par 5s and he made two really gritty 4s. When he was out of position, I was making one -- certainly on 9, anyway.

HENRIK STENSON: No, on both occasions (laughter).

JUSTIN ROSE: That kept the momentum going in the middle of the match. That was huge. When you go out number one playing with a great player like Henrik, you kind of feel like that's your job, that's your mission. The captain put a lot of trust in us to go out number one and it's great to finish early.

Q. The fact is, you were in control, really, from the start.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, Justin had a great chance on 1, and there are certain momentum changes, and my birdie on the second when Bubba hit the green in two, and to get away with a win on the hole when we were both out of position was huge. And again, we got lucky on 3 a little bit I guess to get a halve and Justin got us a birdie with a superb 4-iron on the fourth. I felt like we had a couple of holes where we really should have gone to three pup but we didn't manage to take that. Webb missed his birdie putt on 9 to go 3-up was huge, and then got to 4-up and from then we just kept the pressure on and didn't make a mistake. It was a good day.

Q. What's the plan now?
HENRIK STENSON: A little bit of food and practise where we head out again.

Q. The number people around that first hole, what was it like to be standing on that tee knowing you were about to start The Ryder Cup?
HENRIK STENSON: It was a rush, of course, adrenaline pumping. We knew we were going to get a fabulous reception and we certainly got that. That's a memory for life and now we just need to focus on the next match here and try and get ready again.

Q. You two gelled magnificently in the course of that match, you were both there, you had both given yourself opportunities.
HENRIK STENSON: And we were lucky, as well, on one or two occasions, we took the chances and Webb didn't have the best of days, either. But the course is playing tough. We know that; if you're off the fairway, it's a grind, and with that wind, there's not too many birdies being made out there.

Q. And is that right, that your partner had a wasp sting, as well?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, he leaked one down that hazard on 9 and looking for the ball, he was stung by a wasp, so he said, I probably deserved that after the second shot. He seems to be okay. I high-fived him right on that stingy bit on the thumb after he made the putt on 10 and he could still continue, so I guess he's all right.

Q. Do you fancy teeing up again in the foursomes this afternoon?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes, that's what we're doing, I believe.
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