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September 25, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q. Excited?
HENRIK STENSON: Of course. I think it's going to be magical. The reception on the first tee is going to be something to remember and cherish forever.

Q. Pretty special to be in the first match?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, absolutely. Feeling good being out with Justin. He's playing good. We played two out of three days here in the practise days. He's playing nicely, so I'm happy to have him as my partner and hopefully we can bring a point home tomorrow morning.

Q. Bring home the first point?
HENRIK STENSON: That would be even sweeter. I don't care about that, as long as we bring home a point.

Q. You got a bit of sense of what the crowd is going to be like at the Opening Ceremony?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it was more people than I imagined. It was a sea of people out there. Like I said earlier in the previews, I thought the first tee at K Club was very, very special and the boys that played at Celtic Manor said it was even bigger and louder. I would imagine this to be even more so to exceed those two. That's going to be great. Just for my own game, I might have wished for a little bit better, perhaps. We'll see tomorrow if we're firing on all cylinders hopefully.

Q. Tough opponent?
HENRIK STENSON: There's not going to be any easy matches out there. Sometimes the big names might not play as good as some of the other guys and vice-versa. Both Justin and I are really putting our minds into it. We have to perform at a high level tomorrow if we want to win that point. That's about it. You know, play well if you want to win points.
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