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September 21, 2014

Eddie Pepperell


Q.テつ You're becoming a very consistent performer on The European Tour.テつ Is that what you're really after?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, I think so, first and foremost.テつ I believe consistency is a sign of good things, that's for sure.テつ That's something that's been lacking in my game, certainly this year.テつ So to find some now here at this stage is nice.テつ So yeah, to answer your question, that's what I'm after.

Q.テつ So 12‑under par, standing in the middle of the 18th fairway, what are you thinking?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Just trying to hit a good shot.テつ I had not looked at a leaderboard.テつ I didn't know where I stood in terms of the tournament.

Q.テつ Why not?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Because I had not seen one.テつ Last time I saw one was back off the 14th green, and I made a couple since then I think and I knew I was in a pretty good place and I didn't know exactly where.テつ I just knew that I wanted to hit my shot.テつ I never look at leaderboards until I'm on the last green, and that's when I looked, hit my fourth shot on to the green.テつ Needed to hole that putt to have a credible‑‑ well, I knew winning was probably out of the question at that point.
A little disappointed with the shot I hit into 17, and I suppose the one into the last.テつ Although it was a bit of an in between yardage.テつ Tried to cut it in and squeezed it a bit too far right and left me a tough shot.テつ Didn't play the bunker shot overly brilliantly, but two good putts to finish.テつ Putting does win you go of tournaments, so if you can hole putts under pressure, that's a good sign.

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