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September 21, 2014

Andrea Pavan


Q.テつ Am I right to assume a very satisfied man with a score like that?
ANDREA PAVAN:テつ Yes, of course, it was a very good weekend.テつ I would have taken it.テつ Today the conditions weren't as easy as yesterday, so to shoot 4‑under was pleasing.

Q.テつ The way you started, did you expect even better?
ANDREA PAVAN:テつ I started well.テつ The scores, I made some birdies early on, and then in the middle of the round, I hit a bit of a rough patch.
But luckily I ended up playing pretty well and hit it very close on 15 and holed like a 9‑footer for eagle, and towards the end, unfortunately I didn't hit it as well, and just walked off with three pars.テつ But satisfied with a week like this.テつ Unfortunately I didn't really make a run in the back nine but this is golf.

Q.テつ You came mightily close at the last.
ANDREA PAVAN:テつ It was kind of an awkward yardage, especially if you don't get a chance to go in two on 18, then you need to lay up.テつ The lie is very tight and downhill, so I just thought I could get there and it spun back, but hit a really good putt, and needed half a roll to go in.テつ But that's okay.

Q.テつ I take it with your position on Race to Dubai, anything like this is good, another positive going forward?
ANDREA PAVAN:テつ Yes, of course, I'm way behind, so I needed to make something happen, and luckily I played well this week.テつ Hopefully I can carry on this good form into the next four weeks.テつ Unfortunately last week I didn't have a good Sunday but bounced back this week, so that's pleasing.

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