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September 20, 2014

Gregory Havret


Q.テつ How well did you play today?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ I played good.テつ I played good.テつ Unfortunately the last three holes were not as good as the first 15, but it was definitely a good round.テつ Anything red in this beautiful course is always good, and that's three in a row and hopefully another one tomorrow.

Q.テつ Were you aware when you were out there that it was a good scoring day?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Probably not that good, no.テつ Yeah, I think the scoring actually was very good, but I guess the conditions can be better.テつ Greens are very receptive because it rained two days ago overnight and I think this course probably plays a little bit easier than the other years.
But still, it's a good track when you play 12, 13, 14, it's quite hard, and it's good to play under par, but I didn't know 5‑under was just average today.

Q.テつ You have your eye on the Top 60 to make it into The Final Series.テつ How does that run look now at this point?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Better than three days ago, for sure, but still quite a long way.テつ I mean, Top 60 is quite far.テつ I'm also thinking about BMW in Shanghai and Turkish, which are also very important and probably if I play them, I will probably be able to get in Race to Dubai, too.テつ That's my first point.テつ But whatever happens tomorrow, I want to commit to the thing and play every shot as I did yesterday and the day before.テつ After the result, if it's good and if it's that good to enter the Top 60, then fair enough.テつ But if not, I want to fight and finish as well as possible to have another chance at the Dunhill or Portugal.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on a lovely knock around there again.
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ It's definitely a good day again.テつ A bit of a shame to finish bogey 16 and par 17, 18, but can't complain, 5‑under today, very good tee to the green and the putter was quite hot today, too.
So, yeah, it's definitely a good round, being 6‑under after 15 holes was definitely very good.テつ But yeah, tomorrow is another day I guess.

Q. テつStriking the ball well, feeling in control?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, I feel really good, as I said yesterday, my game is definitely better, and my driving, left‑to‑right, hurt me to find the fairways and when I want to, hard to hit the big hooking one, it's working okay sometimes and seems to be quite good this week.テつ Hopefully keep going tomorrow as I said, but yeah, the form is coming back since Ireland.
As I said yesterday, I feel good and putting is obviously better, too.テつ So makes me happy and Top‑5, maybe top three after three rounds, and yeah, I'm free for another good one tomorrow.

Q.テつ What was new?テつ What was different about day three?テつ What didn't you do on day two?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Well, it's not far, just one stroke, and one stroke is so small.テつ I guess putting was a little bit better than yesterday but my driving yesterday was a touch better, too.テつ So it's two great days.
On the first day, to go 4‑under on the front nine and 2‑over on the back nine, that was probably the bad one.テつ Hopefully it won't cost me too much in the end of the week, but for sure, I'm quite strong with those two last round and I want to bring this tomorrow morning or afternoon, whenever, and just play as good as I want to.テつ That would be nice.

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