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September 20, 2014

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.テつ Similar story today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Pretty much.テつ Just struggled getting the ball in play two days, and the last couple holes I've made a late surge.テつ At least I'm making a charge somewhere.テつ Nice to finish like that.テつ Makes you feel a little bit better about your day.
It was frustrating in the middle of the round, really, because I always seem to take one step forward and then a step back straightaway.テつ Towards the end, hit it really well with birdies on 15, chip‑in on 16, then thought I'd take another step back on 17 and good up‑and‑down on 18.テつ Kept myself in the tournament just about and got to go again tomorrow now.

Q.テつ I assume it's all the more irritating when you see your playing partner soaring away at the top for a little while.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ He just played great.テつ I kept looking over his shoulder thinking, why can't I do that when I'm carving it all over the golf course.テつ He played great.テつ It was just a good round of golf.テつ It was good to watch and he was very solid, very steady.テつ Three shots to be behind him to be fair is a very good effort for me.テつ I'll go do a bit of practice now and see if I can get myself in it.

Q.テつ Leaders are not far away and you're nicely placed?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Just as I walked in off the 18th, I said, we're still in there, and that's all you can do on a Saturday.テつ And especially the way things are going, the finish kept us in it.テつ Hopefully if we can get off to a fast start and keep doing things the way we've been doing, and just shoot a good round and see what we can do.

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