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September 20, 2014

Joost Luiten


Q.テつ Give us your thoughts on the round?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Happy, good score.テつ I played solid, consistent, hit a lot of greens.テつ Had some nice putts to start with in the beginning.テつ Didn't really make a lot in the middle part, but came back strong at the end with three birdies on the last five, and I'm happy.

Q.テつ I was watching that performance the whole day today, and you did play great, and, in fact, how did you manage to stay patient?テつ You could have gone so much lower.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah but you're in the last group, the greens are not as good as in the morning maybe and you just have to be patient out on the greens.テつ They are quite soft and you have to create chances every hole and they will go in eventually and luckily it did for me at the end.

Q.テつ This is a fantastic bit of form you're running into again.テつ Obviously everybody wanted to get into The Ryder Cup, and you were trying so hard to get in The Ryder Cup, but if only you could have shown this performance a few weeks ago?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, if you have these last couple events counting for the qualification of The Ryder Cup, maybe have a chance but you know when the date ends and the qualification stops and you have to play well before that and I didn't do that, and you have to be realistic.テつ I'm just happy that I'm playing good again and just want to keep going again.

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