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September 20, 2014

Thongchai Jaidee


Q.テつ 11‑under par, another good position.テつ What is it about Wales with you?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ I can't complain about my round, same as yesterday, a lot of good irons, good tee shots.テつ But a couple holes we have 14, yesterday we have double‑bogey, day before bogey and today we have a good par.テつ We went to the water again today.テつ Then we had a drop from there and hit a good shot, 9‑iron, 150 yards.テつ Very happy with that one.
Solid round, very solid round.テつ I love the course.テつ Very good weather, as well.テつ Green is very soft, otherwise you can see it's a very low score because the green is softer.
But tomorrow, another day.テつ I enjoyed my round and enjoyed the golf course.

Q.テつ A couple years ago, you won.テつ I can't really remember but what position were you in going into the final round a couple of years back?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ I think we are second or we lead by one after the third round.テつ Otherwise try to catch up.テつ I remember 2012, we had a game change on 10, after we make double‑bogey on 9, we had very poor second shot, we went to the bunker.テつ Third shot we hit from the bunker, and how about we drop again from the bunker.テつ We had double‑bogey on that hole, good memory.テつ Birdied 10, birdied 11, bogeyed 12 and bogey 16.

Q.テつ A couple of years ago, you came over here on Tour and you couldn't speak too much English.テつ Now you're just fluent.テつ Where did you learn all this?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ You have to use it.テつ We spend about more than‑‑ when I came here in 1989, we came for the Tour in 1989, started to come to European Tour.テつ I think about 12 years.テつ Right now, you have to learn and you have to read my book and traveling and also try to improve my English.テつ We never learn English when I go to school, just when I'm 25 years old, so now catching up.テつ Sometimes you don't understand something‑‑

Q.テつ You're very, very good?

Q.テつ You play well tomorrow?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:テつ Thank you very much.

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