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September 19, 2014

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.テつ That was a lovely finish, after an indifferent start.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Well, I got off to a really bad start, and I struggled most of the day to be honest with you.テつ It's just a battle, and last few holes, 15, 16, 17, 18, I just put good swings on it.
So it was nice to finish like that, and it was just a real battle for the first 14 holes really.テつ I did good to keep that going.テつ 3‑under, I didn't see that coming after the fifth green to be honest.

Q.テつ You always say a key word is patience.テつ I take it it's hard to do sometimes.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ Not sure whether it was patience; I think I just wanted to know where the ball was going to go.テつ It was just a real struggle early on.テつ You're always going to have bad patches in a four‑round tournament, so just keep trying your best on every shot and see what we can do.
Like I say, 3‑under was a terrific score today.テつ We said walking off the last green, we didn't see that coming.テつ I'm chuffed.

Q.テつ Was the difference purely down to yourself or do the conditions make a difference with the storm overnight?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ It was tougher today I thought.テつ When you start out with the greens being so soft, it's hard to keep the spin off the ball.テつ Obviously with the amount of footfall, they are going to get a little bit spongy and a bit bumpy at times.テつ You can kind of tell that it was a day that you didn't want to give yourself too many 3‑ or 4‑footers and just tried to stay patient.
It's going to be quite tough to score.テつ Even though there's no wind, it was going to be tough to score.テつ I got it going for the last few holes, and 3‑under, I thought after the first few under par today, would have been really good.

Q.テつ Not bad for a bad day.テつ You're in a lovely position?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:テつ I'd be very rich if that was my bad day I think.テつ It's great position.テつ Still in the tournament and still in a position where a good round tomorrow and put ourselves in a really good position for Sunday.テつ So excited for the weekend.

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