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September 19, 2014

Marc Warren


Q.テつ Right to assume that's a lovely day out there?
MARC WARREN:テつ Yes, it was.テつ Difficult conditions with overnight rain and the thunderstorm, the greens were really soft and really spiny, which was hard to get used to the first couple of holes.テつ Hit decent shots and one came all the way back off the green and one came back 30 feet.テつ Trying to adjust to that, trying to take spin off.テつ Struggled a bit the front nine and putted really well the back nine.テつ Played nicely tee‑to‑green and hit a lot of good putts.テつ Really pleased.

Q.テつ What was the difference, the form on the greens on the back nine?
MARC WARREN:テつ I think so, especially compared to yesterday.テつ I feel as if I played really good yesterday and drove the ball great.テつ Just didn't quite hole the putts but one of those days where it feels as if it could be three or four shots better and then today, holed a good couple of putts to finish there, so kind of finish on a high and just feel a little better about the score.

Q.テつ I take it you feel nicely involved in the tournament, as well, playing alongside the man who is leading it?
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, exactly.テつ Played really well for two days, really consistent tee‑to‑green, and yesterday putted really, really well.テつ Holed everything I looked at.テつ You're having a good tournament if you're holing everything tee‑to‑green, but yeah, played really solidly again today.

Q.テつ How is it playing as a two ball when everyone else is three balls around here?
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, it was difficult.テつ A lot of patience required.テつ A lot of waiting every shot.テつ I think two days we waited.テつ I think we were saying coming off the last green, we were going to go to dinner tonight, we're going to miss each other.
It was good fun.テつ Obviously it was someone you know well and get on well with, it helps, otherwise it could be quite lonely.

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