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September 19, 2014

Joost Luiten


Q.テつ How was it for you?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I'm happy.テつ Today I think I could have gone a couple better.テつ But 8‑under total leading at the moment, I'm happy.

Q.テつ What about last week, you had a good run at the defence, finished fifth, I believe.テつ How much confidence do you take from that to bring it here to Celtic Manor?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Top‑5 is a good finish, doesn't matter where you play, it's good, maybe if you do it in your home country, it's a little bit better.テつ Been playing good the last couple weeks.テつ Finished fourth in Italy and so had some good form going into last week and have the form going as well, so see if I can do the same this weekend.
It was tough today because the greens were very soft compared to yesterday with all the rain they had last night, and with the back pins, even 7‑irons, they spun back like four or five yards, and it was tough to fly them all the way to the back.
So you have to be careful with those pins, especially the front nine of the course played tough without all the difficult pins but sometimes you have to play smart.

Q.テつ Do you think someone is going to get past your 8‑under total today?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I think a couple guys can go past me, yeah, but only halfway, so in a nice position going into the weekend and we'll see what happens.

Q.テつ You've come in with some good form and seem to be enjoying the golf course.テつ Thoughts on your round today?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ My round, 2‑under today, it's a decent round.テつ I could have gone a couple better, left a couple putts out there, bogey on the second which is a par 5, so it felt like I left one out there.テつ But 8‑under after two rounds is pretty good, so I'm in a good position for the weekend.

Q.テつ A couple of top 5s, playing well here this week, what's brought on this top form just at this stage of the season?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I struggled a little bit with the putter the last two months, and my putter is starting to work again.テつ My swing is coming together just a little bit better than before.テつ It's just little things all together.テつ Just keep grinding out, and the good form will come again and I've found some good form now.

Q.テつ Did you think you had a chance to be a Ryder Cup pick and how did you find out you were not on the side?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Well, I knew the situation, so I knew it was going to be for one spot.テつ I knew I didn't play good enough 2 1/2 months, and I don't have the experience that the other guys have, and I think that's where I lost it on really.
But I just didn't play good enough.テつ He phoned me up the day before he announced the picks, and he explained why.テつ You know, I couldn't argue with it.テつ I wasn't good enough the last two months.

Q.テつ Are you going to do a bit of commentary or watch it?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ No, I've got a week off next week, and I will watch it from my couch.

Q.テつ One more quick question.テつ I think you putted very well this week.テつ If the handicap golfers are playing Saturday and Sunday, could you give them a tip?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Watch the rhythm in the stroke.テつ Give it a nice rhythm and don't look up too quick.

Q.テつ How different was it on day two after all the overnight storms?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ It was a different golf course today.テつ There was a lot of rain overnight.テつ The course was very soft.テつ The greens were holding today and having a lot of backspin on the balls, and yesterday they were bouncing forward.
So, yeah, today they played a little bit different and you have to fly it all the way to the pin today instead of bouncing it forward to the pins but still a good score out there.
I played well the first nine and I played well on the back nine but I just didn't make my putts there.テつ Yeah, you have to get your mind‑set a little bit different so you can really fly it all the way to the pin, and even 6‑, 7‑irons were spinning back, so you could be aggressive today.テつ Two back pins on the back nine was tough to get it all the way there and then you just have to play a little bit smarter.

Q.テつ With only one playing partner, how does that affect your rhythm when everyone else is in three balls?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yesterday was tough to get in a rhythm.テつ We were waiting a lot but you just slow down your pace of walking and take a little bit more time over the ball if you think you need it, and for the rest just don't try to bother too much.テつ Just wait and take your time and have a chat in between and relax.

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