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September 19, 2014

Jamie Donaldson

Lee Westwood


Q.テつ Happy so far?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, good.テつ I played nicely yesterday.テつ Today I just scored better, so two good days, I'm happy with the position I'm in.

Q.テつ You've been away for a few weeks, bit of a holiday over there in Florida, sunning it up on the lounge chairs, I'm sure, but you're back right now, level par.テつ You were 2‑over par, and you've got it back to level.テつ How much did you enjoy that grind, especially with next week coming on board?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Well, with next week coming on board, I needed a couple more round.テつ I wasn't particularly competitive yesterday.テつ Yesterday was a really scratchy round.テつ Today I played a little more solid.テつ A few iffy shots but it was nice to finish with two birdies in the last four holes, like you stay, to ensure being here for the weekend and two more competitive rounds.

Q.テつ How far away do you think; how much can you learn about your game in two days?テつ Surely back in Florida you've been practicing, but you probably aren't match‑fit.テつ How long does it take you to get match‑fit, to get back in that first team, like Nottingham Forest?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ When I've not been lying on the sun lounges and swimming in the pool, like you say, and sunbathing, I have been working on my game and been in the gym quite a lot.
So I'm just not quite match fit.テつ I had three weeks off, and you lose your sharpness.テつ So that's really the pleasing thing about birdieing two of the last three, four holes.

Q.テつ The guy you've been walking the fairways with, I'm sure you know, next week is going to be his ninth Ryder Cup.テつ It's going to be your first Ryder Cup.テつ So he's the daddy of The Ryder Cups, the granddaddy.テつ How would you like to play with him next week?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, I'd like that.テつ We get on well.テつ I don't mind really who I play with.テつ All the lads on the team are good lads.テつ So whoever I play with, I'll enjoy it.テつ It's my first Ryder Cup and I'm very much looking forward to it.
I've been playing nicely so far.テつ I just need to keep doing what I've been doing and making putts, and I'm in a good position.テつ Happy with the way I'm playing.テつ Yeah, two more good days.

Q.テつ Looked like it was a bit quiet out there and suddenly got a few just to make it interesting near the end.
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, it was pretty solid all the way.テつ I played nicely yesterday and didn't capitalise on a few good shots I hit.テつ There was a bit more wind yesterday, so it was hard to get close to pins.テつ Today I got close and was able to capitalise on good shots.テつ I couldn't have done much better really, on the two days I've had so far.

Q.テつ Was it enormously different today after the storms overnight?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ It was hard to control spin into the greens.テつ I hit quite a few pitch shots, spinning back 8‑irons, 7‑irons, which was crazy.テつ So the greens were softer and the ball wasn't running as far on the fairways, but overall it was very playable because there was no wind.

Q.テつ Do you find yourself looking at Lee Westwood, as well, and considering things for Gleneagles, how you might play together, for instance?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, we might.テつ I enjoy playing with Lee.テつ He's a good lad.テつ At the end of the day, it's whatever the captain decides and that's what I'll do.

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