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September 18, 2014

Justin Walters


Q.テつ Happy with 6‑under?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yeah, very happy.テつ The course not the easiest course to play.テつ Visually quite intimidating for me in spots, and you can really get yourself in trouble, and I was able to manage myself today quite well and actually putted the best I've putted in quite some time.

Q.テつ What do you find intimidating?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ There's a couple of holes I could name where you feel like you need to hit good shots to even secure a par.テつ This morning it was chilly and windy and played some pretty tough holes in those conditions, and I managed to get through some of them nicely and then made some putts coming towards the end and had a really solid day.テつ Quite happy.

Q.テつ And that was a lovely end, wasn't it, with a couple of birdies thrown in?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yeah, absolutely.テつ I had a really solid first few holes and I hit a stretch where it got a bit shaky and I managed to get through that part, and towards the end make a few nice putts and that really putts the cherry on the cake for the day.

Q.テつ Is it a good week, your son out with you for the first week?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yeah, first week out with the family, and it's amazing, you can't really put words on what family does for you.テつ It's so nice to have them both here and kind of just gives you a lot of perspective, and I always need perspective it seems.テつ So it's been just wonderful to have them here.

Q.テつ Presumably that much easier to shrug off a bad shot, not that there's many of them today?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yeah, it was a little easier today, but absolutely.テつ Just the joys of having a little baby, and a really nice one, too, he's so cool and calm.テつ I don't know where he gets it, not from me.テつ
Whether you have a bad day or a good day, it makes the bad days a little easier and the good days even better, so it's a win/win, isn't it.テつ He's just bearing on eight weeks and I've missed five of those weeks being on Tour, but the first two weeks were very special, obviously very emotional, so to be reunited back with him is wonderful.

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