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September 18, 2014

Robert Rock


Q.テつ How good is 4‑under around there?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ I think we'll probably see at the end of the day.テつ So far it feels okay.テつ Played pretty good throughout.テつ One tiny error but mostly good stuff.

Q.テつ Essentially overcast and a bit chilly and the winds picked up.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ It was cold early on and it was playing relatively tough and playing in jackets is not great.テつ Front nine I played really good, and was quite happy to be out in I think 3‑under.テつ And it's nice now.テつ Might be easier this afternoon, who knows.
Nice to play with Justin and Grテδゥgory, they are good lads.テつ They played great and makes the day easier.

Q.テつ How have you been playing?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Probably for the last month I've been playing good.テつ Rest of the year, pretty horrific.テつ Occasional highlights but not many.テつ But I've been driving the ball well for months, and wasting every opportunity that brings.テつ Iron play has been good for two weeks.テつ Putting has been hit and miss, but the past two weeks have been good.
So I hope I can drag that on for a little bit longer.

Q.テつ Was it a case of a month ago that all the work has just started to pay off and it's clicking into place?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ I've been working hard all year, so I've been saying that since April and hoping something would actually turn into a decent first round score.テつ My first round scoring average is dreadful and it just puts pressure on Friday because you've got to battle to make the cut.
First round is pretty important, for me, anyway.テつ Again, this is the first decent one in a while.

Q.テつ I recall you saying in The Irish Open, that the game was coming in shape and never really quite materialised.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ I actually played good there, and the whole game was in shape and I made one mistake on the 10th hole on Saturday when I was only one behind the lead.テつ Playing with Mikko eventually won it.テつ Horrific mistake, and hope I never do that again.テつ Just read the wrong info in the book and hit it straight into the water.テつ That was my last decent one I think.

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