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September 18, 2014

Andrew McArthur


ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ Didn't miss putt inside of eight feet.テつ Probably 35, 40 feet on the last.テつ Probably a couple of 25‑footers, as well.テつ I hit a couple stiff, as well, you know what I mean, so it wasn't just all like potluck, but I definitely got more than my fair share today.

Q.テつ So there were plenty of opportunities out there in your round?
ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ I think I've only hit three or four fairways all day, which is I think obviously they have been worn and with it being dry, got a way with it.テつ Going to be a different story in the morning.

Q.テつ I take it you're pretty confident with the way the game is, though?
ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ I'm quite relaxed.テつ Not really got any expectations.テつ My wife's due to give birth next Friday, which she's got a few phone calls‑‑ I don't know how long it will be about.テつ Maybe that's why I was sort of extra relaxed today.

Q.テつ Should you even be here?
ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ No.テつ (Laughter).テつ We did speak about it.テつ I should be in Kazakhstan, so I'm lucky to be playing golf at all.

Q.テつ Was that part of the thinking?
ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ Obviously I should be in Kazakhstan if I want to play on the Tour next year, other than winning this.テつ It's obviously a long shot coming here.テつ But you go to Kazakhstan, you finish in the Top‑10, you go a long way to sort of securing that.テつ But Laura did tell me, she goes, "You'll probably go out there, think you're going to miss it, miss the cut and miss the baby."テつ I'm like, all right, thanks for the confidence.

Q.テつ So focus is Top‑10 here now?
ANDREW McARTHUR:テつ Just to keep hitting good shots until the phone goes.テつ Hopefully doesn't go till Sunday night.

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