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September 18, 2014

Joost Luiten


Q.テつ I presume you're satisfied with that, some lovely putting involved.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I'm very happy, 6‑under opening round is always good.テつ Made some nice putts at the end.テつ Just a very solid round.テつ Just missed one green, which unfortunately was a bogey on 17.テつ But some solid golf from tee‑to‑green, and just have to make some putts.

Q.テつ Better talk us through 16.テつ What a wonderful length of putt that was?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I hit a drive in the semi‑rough and thought it would come out a little bit fly‑y, but it didn't, and ended up on the front of the green.テつ One of those putts that if you hit a hundred, maybe one goes in.テつ It was a very good putt.テつ Just went in all the way, and that's sometimes the bonus putts that you need to have.

Q.テつ Did it look perfect all the way?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, I assumed the last four, five yards, it was going in the right direction at the right speed, and it went in.テつ So it was a nice one.

Q.テつ Are you under the radar this week after all the things from last week at the KLM?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, it's nice and quiet this week here, so you know, my game felt good last week and I played good again today.テつ Hopefully can keep it going for three more.

Q.テつ I presume you came in feeling confident?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, fifth place was good, but of course you want more.テつ Every player wants more.テつ Fifth place in your own event is good and you take that form to this week, and yeah, just felt very, very good out there.

Q.テつ Markedly different course, though.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ It is different, but you still have to hit the fairways and the greens, and it's the same at every golf course and that's what I've done today, so I'm happy.

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