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September 18, 2014

Nicolas Colsaerts


Q.テつ 5‑under today, how does that sound to you?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ Sounds pretty good.テつ Played well all day.テつ Left a few early.テつ My playing partner got off to a really good start and I kind of took it from the turn on.テつ Yeah, a good final nine holes to come in.

Q.テつ A form that's been indifferent this season, not what we are used to from you.テつ We know you've been working very, very hard on your game.テつ Have you just about found it right now?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ I think it was coming in nicely the last couple of weeks.テつ I feel like I was playing good enough to putt some decent scores in.テつ All of the compartments of the game weren't just clicking the way it should have.テつ I played well a few weeks ago and I kept the good form the last couple of weeks.テつ Everything wasn't coming quite together but I'm glad it did.

Q.テつ For those at home, you hit it 447 yards on 18.テつ What did you hit in to that par 5?テつ Usually long hitters hit two woods on the green.テつ What did you hit in today‑‑ just to make us all sick.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ I hit a full gap wedge.

Q.テつ A gap wedge.テつ We'll leave it on that.テつ You play well tomorrow, Godzilla Gorilla.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on 5‑under to start around here?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ Very pleased.テつ I was off with Tommy Fleetwood, he got off to a great start.テつ He was quickly under par, and I kind of took over on the end of the round.テつ We both played quite well all day.テつ It's always good when you have a playing partner that kind of pulls you into that good momentum, and that's exactly what I did.

Q.テつ Didn't look easy out there, the overcast skies and the wind gets up.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ There's a bunch of holes that you play into the wind and a certain cross, so, yeah, you need to be in control of your trajectories.テつ For whatever reason, the ball seems to spin a lot in the fairway.テつ So into the wind, you need to make sure you deliver the right trajectory.
Yeah, I've always played quite well here.テつ It's quite modern.テつ You get rewarded if you hit good shots.テつ I gets its a ball‑striker's place.

Q.テつ We had a conversation last week about how positive the game was edging in the right direction.テつ I presume this is a further step?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ Yeah, I thought I was coming in nicely the last couple of weeks.テつ I was playing decent enough to shoot these type of scores.テつ I just missed a few opportunities that didn't really translate into scoring.テつ But yeah, it kind of seemed like it all came together today.テつ I had good momentum and kept the foot down, which is what you need to do when you play well.

Q.テつ 18, I gather it's 447 yards.テつ Tommy Fleetwood said you weren't that happy with.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ I thought it was too far right actually.テつ If you send it on the fairway, if I hit it go and send it down the fairway it's going to go a long way and I thought I just missed the fairway right, and the difference would basically be a hundred yards.テつ But yeah, we were all smiling when we got down there.

Q.テつ What is your longest?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ I think this one probably is on the number.テつ I think I might have hit drives that maybe in the air looks longer than this one.テつ This one just took that speed trap around the fairway.

Q.テつ And when you're fooling around, you're trying to latch one presumably.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ I wasn't really because I took a bogey on 17‑‑

Q.テつ I didn't mean today.テつ Other times.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:テつ Downwind like that, when you are standing in the right stream, on 18 is the perfect example.テつ I would not be surprised if somebody hits it 500 yards.

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