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September 18, 2014

Thomas Bjorn


Q.テつ Is this week just about getting the game in shape a little bit?
THOMAS BJテ窶迭N:テつ It is, especially the way I played the last few weeks.テつ It's a lot of focus on the swing and a lot of focus on keeping tempo and doing the right things on the golf course and not getting miss‑hits and stuff like that.テつ I felt like last week went fast and I wasn't in control.テつ Not really what I wanted it to be but it's turned into that.テつ Big improvement.
It's natural that you take a little dip after an intense period, and I had to go back and play in Denmark after the PGA, and so I've played a lot of golf.テつ Probably natural to have kind of a dip.

Q.テつ Stephen struggled alongside you, any worries about that?
THOMAS BJテ窶迭N:テつ No.テつ He's had a couple of weeks off, and being Scottish and all, he's looking forward to it, and his mind is probably already there, being a rookie, as well.テつ That's only natural.テつ I wouldn't worry about that at all.テつ It's just one of those things.テつ A little rusty today and a couple shots here and there that cost him a lot.テつ That's the way it is.テつ He'll get back on his feet and not really worry about it too much.

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