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September 14, 2014

Billy Horschel


Q.  As a golfer, of course not to have any self‑doubt, but I've got to ask you, after you missed the cut earlier in these Playoffs, you kind of did some soul searching.  What did you think about, and how did that come to bear here in the final three playoff events?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Hey, man, it's unbelievable.  I remember flying home and I talked to my wife, and she's like, you'll probably just wait until the season is over, start a new season.  Just because it hasn't been a great year, and that's what it was.  I was sort of looking towards the fall of 2014 and start of 2014‑2015 season, but at the same time I knew my game was in the right shape, and I just needed to get out of my own way, needed to allow my golf game to show, and did it show the last three weeks.

Q.  Three weeks ago at the Deutsche Bank when you had that shot on the last hole and you went in the hazard, we didn't really believe in you at that point.  We thought, wow, that's just a great performance, but that's a lot of pressure there.  Little did we know you were going to shoot 12 straight rounds in three tournaments in the 60s and finish right behind it, Deutsche Bank and BMW and here, by far the best ball striker under pressure, the putting was super, you made good selections like 16 when you just took your medicine and chipped it back out.  You could have tried to be a hero there, but I just thought it was amazing, and the joy that you showed and the passion for the game was so fun to watch, especially walking down that last hole when you knew you had it won, you were one happy guy, weren't you?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, it's nice knowing‑‑ when I hit my tee shot in the air on 18 that it was pretty much sewed up.  I surely wasn't going to mess up on the green.

Q.  What made it click?  Obviously the season wasn't great for you, but you just came alive, didn't you, after Barclays?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, I think, like I said, just the mindset a little bit, but also my teacher, I've got one of the best teachers, I think, in the world in Todd Anderson.  He's won the FedExCup before with Brandt Snedeker.  He gave me a little putting tip at Deutsche Bank.  We just sort of made the grip a little bit longer, got both hands on the grip, and just my speed became better because I was always hitting my lines, my speed was bad.  I made two big putts I remember the first round at Deutsche Bank on 17 and 18 from about 15, 20 feet to shoot 2‑under par, and I was like, okay, to finish off the round and shoot 2‑under and make some putts, I was like, okay, we may have found something here, and then it was off to the races from there.

Q.  Well, I'm a believer.  I don't know about you guys out there, but I'm a believer in Billy Horschel.  I know there's another big believer at home in Florida.  You had a chance to hug your mom and dad here at East Lake, you and your wife Brittany expecting your first child, a little girl named Skylar who's due in a couple of weeks.  We just saw you deliver a message to her that I asked you about last night.  Now that you've won this whole thing, go ahead and look into the camera there and give Brittany a nice message from a championship winner here?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I love you, Babe.  I wish you were here.  Unfortunately you haven't been at any of my three victories, but there's many more down the road that I'm sure you'll be at and little Skylar will be there, too, and I can't wait to get home.  I'll see you guys Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and looking forward to our beautiful girl being born here in a few weeks.

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