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September 13, 2014

Justin Rose


Q.  Justin, can you talk about it seems like a little bit easier scoring today.  Softer golf course?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, absolutely.  I think the course is there for the taking.  I always feel like this golf course is there for the taking visually.  It does offer you some chances a lot of wedge shots.  It's the kind of golf course where the wedges don't spin that much.  You hit them in there and they stop pretty within a step, so it's quite easy to get your wedges close to the hole off these beautiful fairways.  But therein lies the problem.  You need to be in the fairway.
So if you do drive it well, there's a score out here but if you don't drive it well, as you can see, there's guys that do struggle.

Q.  You took Boston off.  Obviously talked about wanting to get a rest.  How much did that have a factor in this week being able to get recharged?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Sure.  Day one wasn't great, but today, last couple days, I've walked off the course ‑‑ actually my physio said to me you look pretty fresh compared to some of the guys.  Some of the guys were on the couch 30 minutes in the locker room before they could move.
I think it's playing into my advantage right now.  Hopefully I can finish strong tomorrow and it will be a decision well made.
Obviously I wanted to be a few spots up the FedExCup higher than I started this week to give myself a legitimate chance, but I need a lot of help from a lot of people in the end.
But still obviously focusing on the TOUR Championship as a great tournament in itself.  Obviously the FedExCup is a season long and maybe I didn't do enough during the season, and certainly the playoffs, to really go ahead and win it.  But to win of the TOUR Championship is a highlight to the season for sure.

Q.  Do you know all the scenarios you would need to fall into place?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I knew Chris Kirk needed to have a really bad week.  The start he got off to, obviously the way the guy is playing, Billy and all the guys in the Top 5 are playing great.  So you gotta give them a lot of credit.  That took away the chance for a lot of guys this week.
In the past the guys that have been leading‑‑ I think Chris Kirk needed to finish outside the top 20.  That's the kind of help I needed.  Then it was game on if I did win.

Q.  You're three back, Justin, right now.  But it could change.  Do you have a number in mind or do you think it's just going to play as it goes tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Billy has got a lot on his mind tomorrow.  He's got a lot of emotions at home and on the golf course, and obviously it's working for him right now.  He's playing great.
The good thing is, is he's on a roll.  He's got some momentum going off the back end of last week but obviously it can take a lot out of you, too.  From his point of view, he's hoping he's got a lot in the tank.  And from my point of view, if he goes out and doesn't play great tomorrow then it lets in a lot of guys.  He's playing 15 right now.  Let's say he gets to ten there, four back.  There's still a chance.  But I've gotta shoot something in the realm of 65 or better.

Q.  Skipping Boston, was that always in the plan?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah.  This year it was in the plan.  I just felt like the way things were piling up, and then with Ryder Cup I just felt like I was trying to back myself to play well.  Obviously we've seen guys have won FedExCup in the past playing three out of four and for me it was always about playing well in BMW.  That's what I was pinning my hopes on, going out there and maybe preparing ahead of the field, getting to Denver a day earlier than everybody else and trying to get the conditions down.  But that didn't work out for me which is obviously why I struggled to get my way up in the points, but that was the plan.

Q.  Would you do it again?
JUSTIN ROSE:  You always have to back yourself to play well.  I wouldn't skip one necessarily if we have the two, one‑two system.  Then I think that you're pretty much‑‑ you can roll through the PLAYOFFS easily.

Q.  What did you feel good about the last two days?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I just missed a ton of short ones, short putts round one, you know.  I think I missed probably five makeable putts or five putts that you should brush in pretty simply.  So when you give away that many, it adds up on the score card.  The last couple of days have been much cleaner around the hole and just taking my chances when it comes.  That's been about it really.  That's the difference.

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