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September 13, 2014

Gary Woodland


Q.  63 today, nice playing.  If we can get some comments.
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, today was a little more like it.  I struggled the first two days.  I really think the heat got to me.  I was dehydrated.  Yesterday I really struggled, had no energy.  I went back to the hotel yesterday‑‑ I played early yesterday so I was back at the hotel.  I drank water all night, just trying to get fluids back in my body.  I really struggled.  Today I felt great, and I came out and I made some putts, too, which I noticed is something I haven't done in a while.  I definitely got putts to go in.

Q.  Looking at this round, the year obviously, you're here.  Where would you put this round in the context of the entire season?
GARY WOODLAND:  It's one of the better rounds I've played.  This golf course has kind of had my number.  This is my third year here.  I haven't played well here.  For me to come out and finally make putts and get a low number definitely gives me a lot of confidence.  It would especially be nice to play well tomorrow, too, and finish on a high note.

Q.  Was anything different about the golf course today?
GARY WOODLAND:  The golf course was nice.  I mean, obviously it was a little soft.  I did switch putters, which was nice, put a Super Stroke grip on my putter and saw a lot of putts go in, which was nice.  But the golf course was great.  The greens were perfect.  Nice to go off early because there was nobody in front of us, but the golf course is ideal.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
GARY WOODLAND:  I've had it‑‑ it's been on a backup putter, and I've had it on there for a while.  I've used it once before, used it at Akron, the last two days of Akron, putted it really well, and just kind of got away from it, went back to the one I've been using.  I felt like it was time to change, and it's worked out pretty good.

Q.  What's your mindset going into tomorrow?
GARY WOODLAND:  I feel good, especially if I can get some fluids in my body.  I feel great, played solid as of late.  I just haven't done anything well, and it was nice to see a low round.

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