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September 13, 2014

Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan

Jim Courier


6‑1, 6‑2, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Mike and Bob, can you sort of put in perspective what a week.テつ Unbelievable.
BRYAN:テつ Yeah, it was one of our better Davis Cup performances because I felt we were hittingテつ in all facets of the game.
Started feeling good in practice early in the week, and carried that onto the match court, which was nice.
Didn't really have any difficulty out there.テつ Just thought we started hot and just kept it up, kept our energy high.
Just really happy to get through and clinch the match.テつ I think we played 28 ties.テつ That was our fourth match clinching, whatever you want to call it.
BRYAN:テつ Victory.
BRYAN:テつ So it feels good to take care of business and get back into the World Group.

Q.テつ Jim, kind of nice to have a tie that's smooth sailing, three points straight in a row?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ Yeah, sure.テつ Yesterday there was some up and down moments, but today it was smooth sailing from the beginning.
Bob and Mike are obviously playing extremely well coming in on a high from the Open.テつ They never took their foot off the gas.
Some of my best coaching, Sandy.テつ I didn't say a word to them the whole match.テつ Yeah, I think everyone is happy if I don't have to say anything.テつ It was good all the way around.
The boys just dominated.テつ It was an awesome exhibition of tennis.

Q.テつ I think it was you, Bob.テつ Did you say that this was better than winning the US Open?
MIKE BRYAN: No, I think I said it, but it feels like it's all part of the same summer.テつ We had our goals, which was to win the US Open and come in here and help the team get to the World Group.
Just feels it's all one emotion.テつ We can kind of exhale and kind of enjoy it.テつ Yeah, when we won the Open it was great, but we shifted our focus very quickly to this tie.テつテつ
We never really relaxed.テつ Now we can exhale and enjoy the next couple weeks before we go over to Asia.
But this is a really sweet feeling to finish the summer like this.

Q.テつ Obviously tie won and everything, but fans pay for tickets.テつ Have to play matches tomorrow.テつ How do you approach how who you put out there?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ It will be Sam and John.テつ You guys have done a lot of work.テつ You're good.テつ Let's let those guys get out there.

Q.テつ The last I think four ties you won two in four sets and lost two in five sets.テつ Is this kind of refreshing?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ Yeah, it is.テつ We started off our Davis Cup career with those type of wins.テつ It's nice to go back to that.テつ I think we won our first 16 sets in in Davis Cup.テつ We had early success.
There were a couple matches where we had heart breakers, so it's nice to have some good matches where we have good feelings out there again.
Hopefully we can carry that over to 2015.テつ We're all eager to hold this Cup up.テつ I know Sam, Jim, John, we all want to get back up there.テつ They did it in '95 and then we snuck one in in 2007.テつ So it's been some years.

Q.テつ Three wins, nine sets.テつ How much satisfied? テつ100%?
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ Yeah, absolutely.テつ You take a win anywhere you can get it.テつ But if you can get nine sets on the trot, obviously that's a dream scenario for you.
The guys fought hard and prepared very well.テつ We played well.テつ We played well when we needed to.テつ It was a very, very good weekend for us.
Still have a little bit of clean up tomorrow, which we'll look forward to.テつ For now, it's a time to feel good about the way the week has gone.

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