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September 13, 2014

Karrie Webb


Q.  A little bit of a struggle on the front nine.  A bit of an up and down day.
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, sure was.  Didn't hit it very good early.  Well, I started off with a birdie.  Two good swings down the first.
Struggled a little bit there through the middle of the front nine.  Really just hung in there.  The conditions were challenging today with the breeze.
I keyed on a couple things with the last few holes, so always nice to finish strong.

Q.  I was going to say, this finishing stretch was it just, Let's get some momentum going into Sunday?
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, there are some really tough shots coming in.  You know, 16, that was playing quite challenging today to pick the right club.  And you got to keep it right of the hole.  It was a tough two‑putt even from where I hit it.
So challenging finish, but I did a really good job and finished the last four in 2‑under.  That really made my round.

Q.  Any turning point in the round?  Any hole that changed after the couple bogeys?
KARRIE WEBB:  No, my emotions have been pretty much in check this week.  Haven't gotten too down on myself when things haven't been going well, which I think has helped me claw my way back into the round the last two days.

Q.  Going into tomorrow, great position.  Feel relaxed?
KARRIE WEBB:  Just happy to be in this position.  It's been a while.  Since the start of the year really that I've has a legitimate chance to win a tournament.
So I feel good about where I've put myself.  Proud of my scrambling the last couple days.  Hopefully I've got a bit more of those in me tomorrow.

Q.  You've won here before, but to win here as a major has to be a pretty special thought in your mound.
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, any chance you have to win a major is special.  I've got some friends here, so hopefully I can play well and hopefully it'll be good enough come tomorrow afternoon.

Q.  As much as I know you want to win the eighth major, we have to think of a name.  I don't know if you've thought of it.  I know the journalists are going to be going crazy about it.  Any thoughts on that, on what we should maybe...
KARRIE WEBB:  Well, let's wait and see if we have to think about it tomorrow.  Then we can talk about it.

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