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September 12, 2014

Jim Courier

Sam Querrey


S. QUERREY/M. Klizan
7‑6, 6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Can't be anything but happy with 2‑0, straight sets, good performances?テつ Tough first sets.
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ It's the kind of day you want to have, be comfortable 2‑0 with the Bryan brothers coming up.テつ Both Sam and John started off slow, but finished strong.テつ Played their best tennis at the end of the match.テつ And we have Bob and Mike tomorrow to try to clinch this thing for us.

Q.テつ Talk about 5‑4, Sam, he was serving for it.テつ A little dangerous there.テつ He had a bad service game.テつ Things seemed to pick up for you after that.
SAM QUERREY:テつ I was just sticking with it, sticking to the game plan.テつ That's always the toughest game to serve it out during the set, always the toughest service game.テつ He threw in a couple errors, I scrapped through a couple, then got my teeth into that breaker, pulled it out.テつ I just got better as the match went on, like Jim said.

Q.テつ What are you thinking at 5‑6 in the tiebreaker, then two aces?
SAM QUERREY:テつ It was tough.テつ But my serve is my biggest weapon.テつ I just buckled down and I think I hit an ace at that 5‑6 point.テつ Just puts the pressure right back on him.テつ Finally I got a double‑fault there at the end.
I kind of felt like I could relax a little bit and play a little bit more freer.テつ I feel like I played better on all accounts in my game as the match went on.

Q.テつ How was the atmosphere?
SAM QUERREY:テつ I thought it was great.テつ The fans were energetic, fun.テつ Hopefully they had a good time.テつ You know, I expect them all to be back tomorrow cheering for Bob and Mike.

Q.テつ Obviously you're not a mind reader, but are you expecting to see the doubles team they nominated or...
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ We're prepared for that.テつ We're also prepared for a change.テつ Martin has played doubles for them in the recent past, so we wouldn't be surprised to see him.テつ But until one hour prior to the match, we won't know what we've got.

Q.テつ You talked yesterday about this is like the fifth tie of 2015 for you guys.
CAPTAIN COURIER:テつ We're still focused on this match.テつ But we do see this as the first round of 2015 for us.テつ We've won two matches.テつ We have three more to play here.テつ We'd like to win all three of them ideally.
Obviously we have to put one foot in front of the other.テつ Today we did a nice job of that.

Q.テつ Sam, is anyone here with you?テつ I know John's parents are here.
SAM QUERREY:テつ I have a whole team with me in there.テつ There's 20 of us.テつ My mom and her friend are here, as well.テつ Even if they weren't, we have 20 guys in the locker room, so you're not alone out there at all.

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